Plantable Paper Cards

Jun 29th 2018

Besides offering the best funeral program templates on the web, we now have a unique selection of plantable seed cards. Check our beautiful selection of NEW plantable paper cards that you can purchase for a loved one's memorial. An absolutely unique way to remember a dearly departed year after year. These cards will sprout wildflowers simply by placing them in a pot container or garden. They are easy to grow and an eco friendly token of remembrance you can provide to all your guests.

We have 12 wonderful selection of colors to choose from in a variety of shapes such as a peaceful dove, angel, flower, butterfly and heart. You can purchase them with or without an envelope and all orders are shipped one day after your order is placed. We offer FREE customization in color up to 3 lines, so you can have a personalized message.

Check out our gallery of plantable cards at The Funeral Programs Site.