Plantable Seed Bookmarks

Jun 28th 2018

New! Plantable seed bookmarks are now available for immediate purchase at our online SUPERSTORE! With similar shapes as our popular plantable seed cards, these bookmarks offer a beautiful contemporary design. Soft background colors that compliment the shape of your choice which are available in a dozen different colors! We offer the largest collection of unique plantable memorials which families love.

Offering a plantable memorial can be a great help to grieving families. It is an annual reminder of their loved one in the form of wildflowers. Whether you decide to plant them in your garden or indoors within a special pot, they are sure to warm your heart. More and more people are earth conscious and enjoy finding and giving memorials that are eco-friendly. This is a perfect way since it is both practical and honoring a memory.

All of our products are shipped within 24 hours of ordering and are sought after from those who have lost a loved one. The plantable shape on our bookmarks are taken off and planted. Beneath the removed shape lies the silhouette of the same shape embedded within the bookmark design. This way, once the shape is removed, it does not leave a blank or open space but rather a cute little reminder of the plantable item. These have already been very popular amongst our visitors.

You can also choose to have a coordinated ribbon color attached on the top center, if desired. They are printed on a 130 lb. paper for a sturdy presentation. We do not laminate or UV coat our plantable bookmarks to stay within the 'eco-friendly' theme. Check out all our bookmark designs and other plantable memorials today! Call us for any questions we can help answer on our toll free number: 1-800-773-9026.