Prayer Cards Template

Prayer Cards Template

Posted by Admin on Feb 24th 2019

Printable funeral prayer cards can be made very easily on your own computer and printer. Once you finish typing in your information and inserting your photo, you can choose to laminate them. There are stores such as FedEx Kinkos that will laminate them for you for an additional price or you can laminate them yourself if you have your own laminator. Laminating sheets can be purchased online or you can buy them at any office supply store.

A prayer card is typically used as a carrying memento carried in a purse or wallet. Memorial cards provide a photo of the deceased on the front along with their name and date of birth through date of death. The photo can be optional so it is not a necessity and does not have to be included at all. The purpose of a prayer is to carry it with you and be able to pray for the person on the prayer card. It is typically a way of remembrance or praying for the deceased and surviving family members, hence the name.

Prayer cards are distributed at a religious or faith based funeral or memorial service. It is not necessary but certain denominations such as Catholics, do include them in a funeral mass. Back in the day, prayer cards needed to only be created and printed professionally but today, our technology provides us a do-it-yourself method that saves time and money.

Saving time is critical if you are up against a tight timeframe as funeral and memorials typically have. You can choose to distribute cards at a wake, visitation, funeral service or graveside. There is really no perfect etiquette when handing them out, the choice is up to the family. You may also decide to pass them out as the only hand-out given to all attendees or choose to give them out along with a funeral program.

Prayer cards a great little token of remembrance that is convenient in size and design. Creating the prayer cards yourself saves you money because its cost effective and time efficient. The Funeral Program Site offers DIY funeral prayer card templates can be customized for a funeral or memorial service and also any occasion such as wedding and birthdays!

The traditional prayer card is a flat card with no fold and measures approximately 2.5” wide by 4.25” in height. We format our ready-made prayer card template with 8 cards per sheet of letter size paper. We provide the background design of your choice as well as a photo placeholder on the front and filler text which you change to whatever you’d like!

We’ve created our templates so that they are easy to use, edit and personalize. Each of our prayer card templates contain two pages within the document, the first page is the front of the card and the second page is the back side of the card. Since there are multiple cards or eight cards per sheet, you will need to edit each card and insert the photo accordingly on the page. But don’t worry, this can be easily done by copying and pasting your text and photo.

You will also need to cut them to separate if you use your own 8.5” x 11” paper. Alternatively, you can use our  perforated prayer card paper that you can run through your home laser or inkjet printer which aligns perfectly with any of our prayer card templates. Our paper enables for easy separation of the eight cards after printing. We also offer prayer card pouches if you choose to laminate them.

The pouches are individual ones that you can place each card into and then run it through a laminator to seal the card and preserve it for a long, lasting keepsake item. If you purchase a laminating letter size sheet, you can place your prayer cards in the sheet after printing and then cut them after they are laminated. This method will save you time and having to cut twice.

You are able to reuse the template for another use if you desire. All text is completely editable so you can also use them for another occasion or funeral. We offer a one time charge for the template but there is no limitation on the amount of times you can use it.

You can edit the back of the card by typing in a favorite prayer, scripture, quote or shortened obituary. The possibilities are endless! Because the Funeral Program Site is in the business of DIY templates and memorials, you will find the best designs for this wonderful keepsake.

You can print the cards yourself, take it to a local printer, or submit your completed file and let us do the printing and lamination for you! Laminated prayer cards are your choice and optional, if they are not laminated, they can be printed on a card stock paper for a sturdier presentation.

No matter which way you decide to create your loved one's prayer card, you can rest assured we have the right design and option for you and it's supported with our full customer support.