Programs for Funeral Services

Jul 3rd 2018

Creating programs for funeral services are more time efficient if you utilize funeral program templates to help speed up the production. It also makes your life easier during an already stressful time. There are a variety of different types of programs for funeral services you may want to consider. We've listed below the most popular program types:

The Various Types of Programs for Funeral Services

Single Fold Program - This is the most popular type of program for funeral services as it uses a letter size sheet of paper and folds in half which creates a little booklet. The advantages to this type of program is that you are able to add additional pages as you need them or you can just use one sheet of paper printed on both sides if you do not have much information you'd like to include.

Tri Fold Brochures - Tri folds are elegant in presentation and create a different type of fold. These often come in legal size tri fold brochures since this size often leaves enough room for each panel to hold enough information. Tri folds can hold as much information as the single fold programs although you are not able to add any additional pages because of the brochure style. They are also available in a trifold tabloid (11 x 17) sizing which provides more room for photos and text.

Large Booklet Style - These types of programs for funeral services provides the most room for information and text. This is a single fold 11 x 17 program that gives the maximum about of growth. People who purchase this style will generally have much information and photos to include. The final completed pages can be spiral bound or stapled thus creating a booklet style. Each page is an 8.5 x 11 size.

Graduated Fold Programs - The graduated or offset style of funeral programs give the program a unique presentation. Each page is offset from the previous in order to create a side panel in which words or a title can be noted. These often come in a 2-page or 4-page preformatted layout. It is difficult to add additional pages unless you are well versed with the application you are using.

We offer each of these types of programs for funeral services, visit our online funeral programs store catalog to view our best designs on the web.