Quick Tips for Funeral Etiquette

Jun 28th 2018

Some people are not aware of the funeral etiquette when it comes to memorial services. Here are some quick tips to consider that are suggested but definitely not mandatory to do.

Guest books are good to place at the entrance of the memorial service. This can capture all your attendee names so you can gather them and send them thank you notes. Have some funeral poems read aloud during the service itself. Finding poetry online can be a great resource for you during this time of need and you will be able to use them in multiple areas of the service.

You can also send out thank you cards after the funeral to anyone who has been helpful for you. This is just an added acknowledgement on your part to express your gratitude to your family and friends, if desired.

As far as funeral attire goes, wear business clothing which is appropriate such as darker clothing and conservative. It is advisable not to wear bright colors or revealing attire so you don't offend the grieving family.

Keepsakes such as funeral programs is a great idea for it will be the only tangible item you will have when it has all ended. There are other printed items that can be sent out as well such as bookmarks and prayer cards.

Delegate tasks whenever possible because many helping hands is beneficial for you during the planning process. You will find this takes much of the burden off of you. Planning a funeral is no easy process and going it alone can be challenging while keeping your emotions at bay.

You can also plan on having a short time at the end of the service where attendees can convey their condolences in the form of a reception line. This is generally done at the end of the ceremony where guests can approach the immediate family and express their sincere condolences.