Radiance Funeral Bulletin Template

Radiance Funeral Bulletin Template

Posted by Admin on Oct 30th 2018

If your like me, you love being close to water and hearing the waves roll and splash on the beach. It is a soothing sound that instantly puts people in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. There are many reasons why people enjoy the beach, one might be the beauty if exemplifies along with its calming sounds. Our seascape beach funeral bulletin template design we call "Radiance" is very picturesque, just like standing in front of the ocean seas!  This design creates a sun-kissed beach landscape with golden glows from the soft rays of the sun. You can almost feel the warmth of this background with the white-topped water waves splashing upon the golden sands of the beach.

The soft, calming waters and landscape can calm anyone's nerves, fear or anxiety. Your loved one’s photo is displayed inside a frame shape of your choice in the center of the cover. You can move the photo inside its frame and position it anywhere you'd like as well as enlarge it or size it down. Versatility is our goal so you are able to make this template your own.

The back displays the continuing landscape with a white transparent overlay perfect for a poem or short obituary/biography. The main colors for this funeral bulletin template are light brown and golden hues.The inside displays a complimentary transparent beach design that is a perfect backdrop to your personalized text and/or photos. Because we have softened the backdrop, it will not compete with your content. 

This is a great choice for those who enjoyed oceans views, lived near this type of landscape, loved spending time at the beach, or just loved hearing the waves clashing onto the sandy shoreline. There are many significant reasons for a seascape background and whatever it is that draws you to this design, is important in the choice you make. Often backgrounds draw us in and just "click" for us internally which makes us know in our hearts, this is the right choice for our loved one.

I know when I was looking for an urn for our mother, we looked through so many and after awhile, they all looked pretty much the same. But then, we found it. The one urn that was reminiscent of her. It was the style and color that drew us in and me and my sisters knew this was our mom. So you just know. It's hard to describe how but it is a deep feeling that sparks the heart and mind together.

All our templates here at The Funeral Program Site include a free word art front cover title. Each template design varies in the title and what it says. This particular design comes with "A Celebration of Life" for the center fold programs and In Loving Memory for other layouts. You are not stuck with the title provided in the template. Because we include it as a word art, you are able to delete it and create your own text box using fonts from your own computer. You are not able to edit the word art because it is created as an image and set but if you don't want to use it on the front cover, you can certainly move it to another page and add instant elegance! 

We provide you with all the help you need to ensure you produce a beautiful funeral program. After your purchase there are links in your receipt on where to find help along with our customer care phone number. Call us before you get frustrated, the last thing we want is to add undue stress during this time of need. Our operators are standing by ready to assist you in whatever capacity you need. If it is off hours, please make sure you utilize our online help, we're certain you will be able to resolve or find your answers there. We've been at this a long time so we are most familiar with the issues most people have. In light of that, we've created videos, FAQs or our newest Knowledgebase of questions asked by our valued visitors.