Remember Our Loved Ones on Memorial Day

Jun 28th 2018

As we approach the upcoming Memorial Day, let us remember to honor those who have served our country faithfully unto death. The heroes who have died while fighting for our freedom are part of what makes the United States of America a great nation. For those who lost their lives, it is on this Memorial Day that we honor your memory. Even if your loved one did not serve in the armed forces, it is still fitting to pay tribute to them on this memorial weekend. Although this day is typically set aside to commemorate our military heroes, you can still remember those who past and your own loved one who may have past recently.

A memorial day can be recalling anyone's memory who's life ended either expectedly or unexpectedly. It is a day that many families visit cemeteries and gravesites, particularly if they were a U.S. veteran.Many volunteer people may also place an American flag on each gravesite in national cemeteries. Most people also place the american flag outside their home as another reminder that this day is to remember those who lost their lives for this country.

Memorial day also marks the beginning of summer and used to be known as Decoration Day. This prior name was originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War. So even back as far as the Civil War, we were remembering the soldiers who had died in battle. So as we go about our business this holiday weekend, whether your camping, spending time with friends at a BBQ, or relaxing by the beach, let's take a moment of silence to remember those who gave their lives for us so we can enjoy this freedom that we all love.

You can plant a wonderful memorial by using our plantable seed cards! Wildflowers will blossom annually which gives a great memorial tribute to a loved one.