Remembering Dad on Father's Day

Jun 28th 2018

Some of us have already lost a father or are about to. A dad is a special man in a child's life and one that should be honored throughout life and even after. Even if your dad has passed away and the funeral service has well passed, you can still provide a wonderful tribute to his memory.

There are a variety of things in our online SUPERSTORE that will help you to accomplish this tribute. How about planting wildflowers in his honor? Watching it blossom flowers in your garden or container year after year will be a wonderful memory of his legacy and devotion.

Besides finding the largest variety of funeral programs, there are also prayer cards that are great little keepsakes that you can keep with you at all times. They are convenient in size and can fit inside a purse or wallet. His photo, name, dates are imprinted right on the card itself and you can even have it laminated for a longer lasting keepsake.

The Funeral Program Site Superstore also has a nice selection of memorial gifts, such as memorial frames, angel on your shoulder pins, and inpsirational wall art. These can all play a type of tribute to a loved one and are still very appropriate to get even if it has been months or years since dad passed.

If you are about to lose a father, consider these items as well. If you are too overwhelmed with all the planning during this Father's Day weekend, we can help! Our support team is open 7 days a week, including holidays and we can assist in the typsetting and preparation of the program, if you desire.

The most important thing is to look upon the upcoming Father's Day as a day of remembrance for dad. Remembering and reflecting upon the life he lived on this earth can be healing and a great day to look at old photos or memorabilia of your father.

Have a nice and beautiful day this Sunday, as you reflect upon the first man who has influenced your life.

On another note, even if you had a less than perfect dad and not so fond memories, try and look at the positive things that have come out of that experience. Such as things you learned along the way and what 'not to do'. With either experience, there is always a golden nugget to take home. It's just all a matter of your perspective. Happy Father's Day.