Rosy Prayer Card

Rosy Prayer Card

Posted by Admin on Nov 23rd 2018

Prayer cards traditionally come in a flat no fold presentation and are printed on card stock paper with or without lamination. They measure approximately 2.25” wide by 4.25” tall with the front highlighting the deceased photo and/or information. The back is reserved for a special poem or prayer in loving memory of the loved one. There are many companies online that sell prayer cards in a paper form and it is up to you to order the paper then print upon it. You may choose your desired finish by either laminated it to seal, stiffen and preserve the paper or print it on a heavier weight paper and distribute it as is. It is a personal choice made by the family and will vary from service to service.

The Funeral Program Site offers quite a few ways to have a prayer card created for your funeral or memorial service. You may choose to do-it-yourself, in which case you can download a ready-made prayer card file in the design of your choice then edit it on your own computer. Printing can be done on your own home printer or locally at any office supply store. This is often the most cost effective option but keep in mind you are doing it yourself so that means more time and effort to this task which may take you away from other funeral planning arrangements.

The second option available from our online services is if we help you put together the prayer card in the typesetting. The typesetting means you will email us your photo and information for the card and we'll create it in the most professional presentation with our customization services. Our talented graphic designer will take your text and photo and layout a perfect and attractive prayer card.  By the time we're finished, you never knew text could look so good! We're experts in our craft and that is clearly apparent by the designs you see on this website and our finished work. No other online company can claim that. The proof is in our work! 

The finished file can then be taken to a local office supply store or printed on your own printer. If you choose this option or the DIY method, you will need to separate the prayer cards by cutting them after printing since they are created with eight prayer cards per sheet of letter size paper. This task is usually done by hand with a commercial paper cutter so it can be time consuming depending on how many you need. We do offer prayer card blank paper that is perforated so no cutting is involved, just tear to separate the cards. One must weigh their time on which direction you go with the separation of the prayer cards since it is a monotonous and time consuming task.

We also offer preprinted funeral prayer card paper where we ship you the 8-up or eight prayer cards per sheet and email you a blank template in which you will create your information then print it on the preprinted prayer card paper. They are perforated for easy separation and also can be laminated if desired. Since this is a shipped item, it may or may not work within your timeframe. Shipping transit takes approximately three days to your location with ground shipping but you can expedite the shipping if needed. We do send you the template via email attachment within the hour of your order so you can get started with the editing of the template, then once you receive the paper you can just print it.

The last option available for you is to opt to have us do the typesetting and printing for you then ship it distribution ready. This is the best option for those who do not have the resources available. The prayer cards will be cut and finished with lamination, if desired. You will only need to proof the front and back and email over the information and photo for inclusion.

A beautiful funeral prayer card with a floral theme of coral, pink roses, and baby's breath will be the background for your loved one's photo set inside a rectangular white bordered frame. Above the photo is "In Loving Memory" and the under the photo reads "In Our Hearts Forever!" The back of the funeral prayer card is completely customizable and can contain a scripture verse, prayer, or funeral poetry.

This photo example is our prayer card background we call Rosy. The main colors for our Rosy funeral prayer card template design are coral and pink hues. We also have any matching printed material for this design in case you want to carry the theme throughout. Funeral Service Program Template and Memorial Funeral Card. We provide you with all the help you need to ensure you produce a beautiful funeral prayer card. Don’t forget to view our important tips prior to printing out your funeral prayer card.

No matter which option you choose, please know that The Funeral Program Site is here every step of the way as you need us to be. Our team of trained customer support specialists are waiting by the phones should you need further assistance.