Sending Someone Sympathy Flowers

Mar 23rd 2018

There are no words or actions that can express the way we feel after a loved one passes away. It is one of the worst times in someone’s life to lose someone they loved, liked or cared for. The same goes for other people who may lose someone. We want to be there and show our support, but sometimes no matter what we say or do, it just doesn’t help. Sometimes, we may not be of any help at all, no matter how hard we try. We cannot ease someone’s pain, but we can show that we are there to support, care and stand by the person grieving. This is where flowers come in. Flowers have been used to send to people who have lost a loved one for numerous years. It is not the flowers themselves that play a big part in portraying the message, but the gesture itself.

Sympathy flowers also show respect for the deceased person, and can also be a sign of support, even when you are not physically there to give the flowers. However, with death and funerals being such a delicate topic, your flower arrangement needs to be well suited.

There are many flowers, varying from size to shape to colour which can be sent to convey the sympathy message. Certain flowers also represent religious beliefs e.g. the belief in eternal life.

Sympathy flowers are also available in many forms. You can choose to gift vases, wreaths, standing arrangements, table arrangements or casket drapes. These will vary in price, so if you are on a budget you will need to consider which one of the above is going to be within your price range.

Garden basket planters are becoming more and more popular at funerals because of their mobility i.e. they can be moved easily. Whilst some flowers may be kept near the graveside, many are taken home to the family to show the continued support they have from their friends, family and other loved ones.

If you are sending flowers for the funeral, wreaths and long stemmed flowers such as Carnations are best.

In addition to flowers, you could gift food (the family may not be cooking due to the pain and suffering, or they simply may not have the time because they are too busy making funeral arrangements) or fruit baskets etc.

An additional gift, which is becoming popular, would be a donation in the name of their loved one who passed away. Many people not decide to make a small donation to a charity, foundation, church/place of worship etc. in the name of the deceased. The family will receive a certificate stating that a donation was made in their loved ones name, and the feeling of sentiment will overwhelm them with the love you have shown.

Another option is to mark a favourite spot by planting/building something e.g. a bench with an engraved plate on it in the spot where the deceased person used to spend a lot of time. A common thing done nowadays is to plant a tree in the loved ones house/family house or in a favourite place etc. to symbolise the growth and birth of life which can symbolise reincarnation etc.

The time of death is the one time that we all dread. When we lose a loved one, we need all our friends and family members with us. So if someone you know has lost a loved one, sending flowers will show that you are thinking of them, and this will help them with their grieving.