Spiritual Sympathy Cards Set of 4

Mar 20th 2018

We are proud to add to our already large number of products and templates, our beautiful printed, spiritual boxed sympathy cards with envelopes! These cards make a great addition to any mailbox for those who have recently suffered a loss of a loved one. The inside of each card is blank so you are able to personalize them as you like. There are a total of 12 cards per box with 4 different designs as shown in the example above in our "Peaceful Reflections" series.

Each card contains our beautiful wordart® in an appropriate bible verse which is perfectly placed on the front of the lovely background. These are always a great thing to have on hand for those expected and unexpected deaths of family and/or friends. The included wonderful and encouraging bible verse can mean so much to the grieving and will be much appreciated by anyone who receives your condolence message.

You can write a personalized note on the inside to the family expressing your heartfelt sympathy and condolences for their recent loss. Handwritten notes are always a refreshing breath of fresh air in this digital technology world we live in. It not only adds a level of sincerity but also shows them how much you really care simply because you took the time to handwrite a card verses typing it up or even sending it via an email.

I know I always appreciate notes in the mail when it is handwritten even if its not a sympathy card. Go against the grain and send a hug through these lovely cards. You can purchase them only at our online superstore and all orders ship the same day!