Spring Memorials For In Loving Memory

Spring Memorials For In Loving Memory

Posted by Admin on Mar 22nd 2019

Spring is a great time of year where flowers blossom and bloom which can provide very lovely funeral flower arrangements for a loved one’s service. Flowers play a big role in a funeral or memorial service and can be used in more ways than the traditional flower decoration you see.

The Funeral Program Site offers many Spring related products in our outdoor memorials department under Plantable Memorials. All of our products within this category are eco-friendly and great for our earth environment. We offer plantable keepsakes items such as a personalized bookmark, cards, custom seed packets, shapes and even a small vase to grow them in!

They are very popular during the growing season where most plants are ready to plant! Let’s take a look at each product selection we have within our plantable memorials that you can personalize and distribute in honor of your loved one’s memory.

Check out our video on our special custom memorial seed packets. A very informative presentation that is short and to the point! See our seed packets live in our demonstration.

Plantable Seed Cards

The memorial cards offer personalization of 3 lines of your text offered in various colors and plantable paper seed shapes. You can choose shapes such as a cross, flower with a heart, blossom, sand dollar, praying child, heart, balloon, angel, butterfly or dove! The shape is temporarily adhered to the flat card (which is not plantable) above your custom text. The recipient will remove the plantable paper seed shape and that is what is planted into a small garden or indoor vase.

The seed paper yields wildflowers in a matter of weeks! It’s a sweet little memorial tribute that produces year after year! The back of the card provides easy planting instructions so the receiver will know how to use them. The eco-friendly memorial cards are offered in 2 different styles in a flat or folded presentation. Some families use these as a form of thank you that is sent. The folded card allows you to write a special note on the inside and fits conveniently in the optional envelope. You can request your message already printed on the inside of the card, if desired or hand write it yourself.

Plantable Memorial Bookmarks

A practical and earth friendly give away makes our plantable memorial bookmarks a great choice. Our signature paper seed shapes are temporarily adhered to the bookmark which is printed on card stock paper for sturdiness. Personalized to perfection with your lines of text. Once the receiver removes the shapes for planting, it reveals a smaller shape which can now function as a bookmark after the seed paper shape is removed and planted. A multi-functional keepsake. Various wildflowers spring forth from the planted shape within a few short weeks!The back of the bookmark can also be personalized further if desired. A special poem of remembrance can be written or favorite scripture.

Custom Memorial Seed Packets

Our special memorial custom seed packets create an incredible and treasured distributed memorial item. They are seeds included for every geographical area within the Continental United States. Choose from various types of wildflowers. You submit a photo and we remove the background so it is set on the cover of a seed packet! This beloved eco-friendly design can be included within a thank you card or given away just google trusted store it is. Planting instructions are given on the reverse side. A customer favorite item only available here at The Funeral Program.

Seed Pieces and Shapes

Our packaged seed paper shapes in a variety of 12 colors are placed in a convenient package that is personalized on the top with your custom text! You can place each shape in a card as a thank you gesture or place them in a large basket for a handout. You can create your own card or backing if you like. The are sold in packs of 12 with each shape in a different color. All of our signature seed shapes are available as well as seed pieces that can be planted outside or an indoor vase.

Memorial Flower Pots

Wow! Now that you’ve got all the paper seed shapes available for purchase, you might want to consider a personalized full color mini ceramic vase to plant them in! Our mini vases aren’t just any vase, they are custom printed with your loved one’s photo and custom text. You can plant any of our seed packages in it or put your own seeds. Each vase purchase does include 1 package of seed pieces so it is ready for gift giving. Add a special optional sympathy note card at checkout.

All of our outdoor memorials here are great for the environment as we are planting back into the earth. Spring is a good time to consider these as a gift for someone who recently suffered a loss, a funeral or memorial ceremony handout or to your immediate family honoring a memory.

The Funeral Program Site offers many personalized memorial products so we are not just a template store! We strive to be a one-stop shop where you'll find an obituary template and keepsakes because we know you don’t have a lot of time to go from website to website looking for items. Experience the difference here and no need to search any further, we’ve got it all!