Starry Funeral Programs Design

Starry Funeral Programs Design

Posted by Admin on Nov 10th 2018

Creating a funeral program background design takes care and precision. One simply cannot put it together in a hurry by scouring the internet for backgrounds. Not only do you run into copyright issues but also will not capture the child's personality.  Not only does this end up with a product that looks quickly thrown together but it does not provide the attention to detail that often can be an extension of the child's personality or likes. Our funeral program templates created in our children and youth category are carefully crafted and designed to capture all the elements of childhood. The thought process of designing this type of backdrop is time consuming because we "dot every i, and cross every t." Losing a child is never easy and programs need to be designed with the utmost care and consideration.  Parents will want everything to be just right and understandably so.

This funeral program template design was created especially for a child or youth. The starry background creates a symbol of your loved one being the star in your life. It contains a whimsical and youthful themed background illustrated with stars on a solid color gradient backdrop. Our design comes in a variety of six colors so no matter what your child's favorite color was, we have it! The stars are presented in varying shapes and sizes as they are scattered throughout the front and back cover. Primary and brighter colors are more indicative of children's designs and the large stars create a more child-like presentation. This can be used for a child from 5 - 12 years of age and is appropriate for either a girl or boy. 

The background can be more transparent if you want to fade it out more or left in its original brighter form as shown. If you decide you want a more translucent backdrop, let us know before you purchase and we can create the template design in a version with a background that is more faded. You can also remove the back page background and substitute it with a solid matching color or remove it altogether. Our templates are truly versatile and flexible because we know everyone has varying needs. We try and design programs that are not "cookie-cutter" backgrounds because we know it is going to be a special document symbolizing the final celebration of life for a beloved husband, wife, son, daughter, aunt, or grandmother.

You have the option of putting the text and photos into the template yourself or employ the use of our graphic designer to do it for you! We know it can be an extremely confusing and stressful time so we have provided some help to send your way if needed. Our full customization service is for those who need a professional to get it all together for you. Then you have the option of printing it wherever is most convenient for you. You can print it on your home printer, take it to a local office store or submit the file back to us to print and assemble for you! Our services are unique because we pay attention to the details and don't just print a file you send us. We go the extra mile and make sure the coloring is good, the text and photos are within the alignment guides to ensure you have a great program.

Of course this starry design comes in all the layouts we offer in our online store! We believe its important to provide a matching set of printed memorials so you can create bookmarks, prayer cards, announcements, and a guest registry book to match your funeral program design. Most families like the look of a consistent theme and we are able to provide that for you. If you do not see this design in a particular format, please contact our support team and order it by phone. We do offer all our designs in every layout we offer but are just a little behind putting them all on the website. We thank you for your patience as often we are diligently serving families and that is our priority.

The best layout for a child's funeral program is the traditional bifold letter size layout. If it is a smaller child, we recommend a funeral card which is a quarter size of a letter sheet of paper. It is small and compact and an appropriate size for a child's service. You can also choose not to do a folded program and just hand out prayer cards. Sometimes, if the child is very young, there is not a lot of room needed for text so a smaller printed memorial is a good option.