Tabloid Size Graduated Templates

Tabloid Size Graduated Templates

Posted by Admin on Dec 27th 2018

Tabloid Graduated Fold Funeral Program Templates

The graduated style fold is unique and attractive in its layout presentation. It offers three tabs on the right side as a way to present your customized information in an orderly fashion. The Funeral Program Site is the originator of this one-of-a-kind layout and since has since gained popularity all across the world! Other online "template sites" have followed the leader in the industry for years (and yes, we know who they are) and are also now offering this layout however, most do not provide the quality nor the functionality. Most "template sites" fall short of quality templates because they are work at home businesses, which one must be very careful of doing business with because they do not specialize in the products they offer. Most do not live up to the standards a true store front business offers.

The Funeral Program Site is a trusted and established company with a brick and mortar store front servicing the Dallas area with family walk-ins and beyond through the online storefront. This company has been in business for over a decade and specialize in DIY templates as well as matching memorial products. Servicing families directly and funeral home professionals has been their specialty with partners all across the world. They offer this layout in three sizes of letter, legal and tabloid size. Selection of the size is determined by personal preference or dictated by the amount of text and photos you want to include.

If you are planning on printing your program on your own home computer. It is recommended that you check to ensure your printer will print this size paper. You can easily check this by going into your printer properties and seeing if there is a paper size for tabloid 11x17 paper. If there is not, then your printer cannot print this size and you will need to take it to an office supply store such as Staples or FedEx Kinkos to print and have the assembly done. It should be noted that most home printers do not print this large paper size. Although this layout creates the "wow" impact, you should know that your printing costs will also increase due to the size of the overall paper. To better budget your expenses, you should consider calling your local print shop to get pricing for the printing and assembly (folding and stapling) of a tabloid size program. Since this program is printed on two sheets, front and back, giving you an 8-sided program, we do recommend you staple the pages together to keep them in tact.

You should also inquire with your local print shop if they are familiar with how to fold this layout. Most economical printers such as FedEx or Staples will not know how to fold this unless you show them. These places typically use a folding machine and the graduated folds are best hand folded. So if you do not want to add to your overall printing cost, you might want to enlist the help of family and friends to help assemble the program and just have your local print shop do the printing. This will save you some costs since you are doing it yourself. You will need a good stapler to staple the pages together which you can easily obtain at any office supply store.

Our beloved 8-sided graduated fold or step fold templates are now available in the largest paper size available in the U.S. Print it on the tabloid size paper measures 11" x 17" with a finished folded size of approximately 10.5" wide x 17" high. This program is sure to make an impact due to its size and unique presentation. The three tabs on its side will enable you to change up the color and the text written for an organized program. This presentation size will enable you to get maximum text and photos within your program so you won't have to worry about running low on space. 

A great choice for the matriarch of the family or a Pastor, Deacon or public official. We do not recommend you add pages to any of our graduated style program templates due to the complexity of assembly. If you still desire this layout but want to add more pages, please use our full design and print so we can do the leg work for you.