The Anatomy of a Funeral Program Template

Jun 28th 2018

Let me take this time to help visitors understand the anatomy of our templates which can be purchased at our online store.

With the funeral templates we have available, we do not have any restrictions as far as how many times you can use them! Let's take a closer look at what you will find inside all our template files. In this example, we are using our tabloid booklet template called "Adoration".

High Quality Design on the Front, Back and Inside Image

We set all of our templates in high resolution quality or 300 dpi which is fit for a commercial press. Although the file size might become a bit larger than normal, we believe that providing you with a larger background quality produces in the best results in your end product. We never set our templates in anything less than 300 dpi. Doing so would mean a degragation in quality when you go to print and we want you to have the best looking background possible.

Larger Headlines For Easy to Read Layouts

We provide headlines for each section of the layout with our filler text. This text box can be easily changed to say whatever you'd like and you are also able to change up the font style, if desired. Headlines are important as it sets what the reader will be seeing in the content area below the heading which sets the mood or prepares them for the information to follow.

Preset Photo Frames - Add As Many As You'd Like

We create photo boxes or frames on each page, depending on the layout, within our templates so you are able to use them as they are or add more if you'd like. It's easy to add additional photo boxes on any of the template pages. You can add an oval, square, rectangle or circle as your photo frame. Insert your photo for the front cover or even create a photo collage on any of the inside pages for a customized presentation.

Branding Text Box For Your Own Customization

There are text boxes created throughout the entire template. This enables you to be able to customize or personalize the information herein as you like. Brand it by placing your contact information on the back of the program for repeat business! The advantages to being able to edit the text is that you are able to use the fonts you have installed on your computer and be as creative as you want to be.

Exceptional Design and Quality

Our templates are created by highly skilled illustrators and designers so you won't find them anywhere else, unless they've purchased it on our website first! You can see the quality based on our webshots and that 's exactly how it will be delivered to you in the download link. We never create anything less than 300 dpi in order to provide you with the best looking printed program possible.

Filler Text To Help Guide You Along

We always provide you with filler text inside all of our templates. This helps guide you along in case you are not familiar with what is included inside a program. You do not have to follow our guideline text and can change it up any way you'd like. This is simply there for your convenience should you decide you need a little insight on the content for a typical service.

  • Our templates work with Microsoft® Word 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010
  • Microsoft Publisher 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010
  • OpenOffice for MAC and Windows
  • Apple iWork Pages 08, 09
  • You will need to have a full working version of any of the above software in order to edit the templates.
  • About the Author:
  • Carole Galassi is the Creative Director and founder of The Funeral Program Site.
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