The Death of a Pet

Mar 23rd 2018

Pets are lovely things you can play with, sleep with and even eat with. They are defined in Wikipedia as a household animal kept for companionship and a person’s enjoyment. Ever noticed how some people just can’t seem to get on with their day without a greeting from their pets?

A single bark or meow (or chirp or anything your pet loves doing) will do; one in the morning and another in the evening. Studies and medical researches are being conducted today to prove the theory that owning pets have physical and emotional benefits. Well what sickness would stay when you walk your dog (and jog with it) a mile a day for 365 days?

The bond between you and your dog will surely be as strong as your health. In some places, well trained cats and dogs are brought to hospitals and facilities where patients are terminally ill or have psychiatric problems. It is said that these pets help boost their immune systems and are mood boosters as well. These well trained cats and dogs (there are no other animals trained yet for this purpose) brought to care facilities are called therapy animals.

There are even guide dogs for the blind (no one person can consistently be there for the blind). Not even the husband or the kids can be there always. What’s common denominator older person and single ladies or guys have? Definitely they all have pets (generally). When asked why, the usual answer is that their pets provide them with love and care they don’t usually get from people.

So what happens then when the beloved pet dies? The world may go crumbling down but that won’t change the fact that it is only your world that crashes. Everyone else’s stay as it is and as they say, it’s business as usual. What’s left for you is to make sure your beloved kitty gets the best funeral there is for pets.

Make its funeral service as memorable as possible. Gather everyone in the family or even neighbors who are fond of kitty. Everyone (or only those who want to) may give a short message of how he was touched by kitty (in any way).

A few days after the funeral, you may hold a memorial service. This is not only to keep the memory of your dear kitty but also to serve as a grief outlet for you. By now, you must have gotten used to the idea of its death. Give out memorial cards and keepsakes to family and friends.