The Faster Road to Perdition: Land or Air?

Mar 23rd 2018

It’s almost two hours and we haven’t landed yet. Because of the typhoon, where the flight should have been a 45-minute trip, we had to endure a 2-hour flying spree. That was by far the most horrific experience in my whole 28 years of existence! I felt like death (cloaked in black with his fork-like weapon) was hovering around the airplane waiting for his chance to prey on us like small fishes in the ocean. But luckily for us, no, it didn’t end up that way.

Traveling by plane


Safer than others

According to statistics, travels by plane are the safest mode of transport. No way to bump into other planes (just birds and if you’re lucky, meteorites as well); therefore there’ll be no traffic problems to worry about.

Lesser time

Who wouldn’t want a traffic-free trip? Plus you don’t have to worry about wasting too much of your precious time on the road. Whether on a business or a personal trip, cutting the travel time by 8 hours makes a huge difference. Imagine the laps you can finish on the beach or the articles you can finish on all those 8 hours!

Cons - No calls for help

On the other side, should there be emergencies, it’s just you and the crew on the horizon. Phones and gadgets must be turned off. This leaves you and everyone else at the mercy of the pilot’s call for help (Mayday!) on the world under.


Have you heard of people getting stranded on the airport for days and hours on end? When you plan to fly, make sure the weather’s on your side; else, you’ll get stuck for the same hours of taking the road instead.

Take a road trip


More places to cover

Traveling by land indulges your visual senses. If you love nature, or going to other places, road trips are your best bet for covering as many places as you can in just a short time. One minute you’re in Chicago the next minute you’re traveling on the roads of Canada.


You won’t need to go booking for flights (which anyway will be cancelled to the last minute for some reason). When the boss needs you to go to the site at the countryside, you can easily hop on the car and take off.

The advantages of flying are the cons of traveling by car. Although statistics say flying is the safest way, there’s no escaping death when your time’s up. I thought it best during those couple of hours when I thought we’ll be plunging our way down to the Pacific Ocean. I had my funeral planning moment and had it completed to the minute details. Whichever way, land or air, you can’t be wishing on death to not go your way; that’s His decision to make.