The Music at a Funeral Ceremony

Mar 23rd 2018

Music is very much a part of a funeral service. It sets the mood and can be a source of healing for the family and attendees present. There really isn't a specific type of music style geared for funerals. Today, there can be a variety of music played from Classical to Rock. It will largely depend on the family and what the deceased preferred.

Most families do opt to play funeral music that is more soothing in nature and may consist of instrumentals such as a piano or organist. There is even often a soloist who will sing a selection a few times within the service ceremony. You can have live music or choose to play the songs from a recording such as a CD. Either way is appropriate and appreciated by all.

The bottom line is funeral songs or music doesn't have to be solemn in nature anymore. It can be anything that is specific or personalized for the deceased. If you decide you don't want to include songs in the ceremony, you can always consider having someone read poetry.

A great place to display your selected memorial poems is inside the funeral programs. You can also place selected one within your guest book. Not only can your guests view the beautiful wording that often accompanies poetry but they can follow along as well if it is read aloud. The poems will also be sent home with them since funeral programs are kept by everyone after a service.

They are a wonderful addition to any service. Words can bring encouragement and comfort to those who need it during a time of loss. They can be read over and over again through the years with a glorious reminder of the deceased. Poetry is generally noted on the back of the programs such as the one example provided above. They can also be placed inside the program but really depends on what other information you include.

There are so many different poems you can choose from that span just about every type of emotion. You are sure to find one that is the perfect fit for your loved one.