Tri Fold Brochure Template Samples

Jun 30th 2018

Tri fold brochures are certainly a popular choice of bereaved and surviving families when creating a funeral program for a loved one. Our Funeral Program Site's tri fold brochure design collection are created with very specific themes formed after hobbies or favorites. The design gallery and collection of tri fold brochure templates we carry are made with the following popular themes: Floral, Fishing, Patriotic or Military, Landscape, Faith, and Music.

Find a theme that is befitting of who your loved one was, it should be an extension of their personality. The tri fold designs in our collection are presented in full color with a front and back on legal size paper. Check the collection of tri fold brochures we offer here at The Funeral Program Site for some very unique and beautiful backgrounds.

You can have up to eight photos inserted within the preset frames and placing your photos is easy to customize. You can print the tri fold programs yourself on your home printer or take the template file to an office supply store for printing. The results are beautiful and the tri fold offers a convenient size when folded.