Tri Fold Brochure Templates

Jun 30th 2018

The tri fold brochure templates within our design collection are all based under a particular theme such as a hobby or favorite pastime. The funeral program brochure should reflect the personality of the deceased and therefore having a program that may be an extension of their personality is favorable to have.

Tri fold brochures are a good way to display many a collage of photos within the program. The design in our collection has predefined photo boxes scattered perfectly on the inside page or panels so that it highlights special moments or events in someone's life. Generally, families will place special memories or milestones within a life in these photo boxes.

The obituary is placed in the center panel which is surrounded by the selected photos. There is also a small text box beneath the main photo for scripture verses, a short quote or special memory tribute. Two beautifully crafted photo frames are highlighted in each tri fold brochure template to place a photo of your loved one and another photo that you especially want to highlight above the others.

This tri fold brochure is formatted for legal size, "duplex" or front and back printing. You may use this template for a funeral or memorial service or can use it for any occasion. Contact us if you would like to use it other than a funeral memorial service and we can customize the text to meet your specific needs.

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