Tuscany Design - Memorial Program

Tuscany Design - Memorial Program

Posted by Admin on Oct 27th 2018

Have you ever been to Italy? The most beautiful landscape is set upon a hillside with its famous tuscany trees and homes scattered throughout the hill country. This design is inspired from the Italian hill country with its lush green foliage and pretty vineyards. Our background for this memorial program template offers a beautiful white pillar balcony overlooking a beautiful grape garden. The hint of roman pillars are displayed through the red blossoms and leaves that intertwine around these columns.

The design is set upon someone standing on the front porch of possibly a home in the countryside overlooking the front yard landscape.  Light blue skies peek through the pretty garden blossoms with golden and green leaves which may be reminiscent during the Autumn season. The back displays the continuing soft tuscan landscape with a white transparent overlay perfect for a poem or short obituary/biography. The main colors for this funeral memorial program are earth tones with touches of red accents.The inside displays a complimentary color with white overlay and soft borders to display your funeral memorial program text.

If you choose to display a photo on the front cover, you can choose whatever shape you'd like it set into. You will also be able to enlarge or size the photo down, if desired.  If you'd like to add more photos on the inside pages of your template, you are able. Create additional photo boxes or a page full of photos to make a collage. Our template is super flexible so you can do whatever you'd like. Do you need ideas? Check out our funeral program sample library of real programs we've customized for families.

Even if you don't have any design skills, you can create a  program for funeral services using our DIY ready-made templates. The template is available for download after your order has processed. You will receive a download link in your account for your chosen design in Word, Publisher or Apple Pages. Choose which one you want to edit the template in. You must have one of the aforementioned software installed on the computer your using.

Our template include a free word art title placed on the front cover when you first open your template. You are free to delete or move this word art image to another page. If you want to use another title on the front cover different than what is written on the word art, just create a text box and make your own. You do need to use fonts installed on your computer and will not be able to edit the word art since it is an image.

Our center fold program template enable you to create additional pages if you need more room. The letter size center fold templates come formatted with 1 sheet of paper folded in half. Some families feel they need more than a 4-sided program, so if this is your case, you can add more pages and create an 8-sided funeral booklet or more. One thing to note when adding pages. The more pages you add, the more complex your template will become especially if you are working in Microsoft Word to edit.  Word is not the most user-friendly application so be aware it might get a little difficult to manage all your new pages. 

This is not just a characteristic of our template but when creating any booklet using Word. If it gets too complicated, you can always opt to order our customization service in which we will create it all for you and do your layout. We will add the pages needed and send you a print ready file. You can try it yourself to see if it is something you can do comfortably. But if it isn't, know that we have your backup plan and can compete the remaining or all of the program for you! It doesn't matter how many photos you include either. Unlike others, we set no limit on the number of photos you send us. As long as your photos fit along with your accompanying text, we will set it into your template. This is a wonderful option to take the burden off your shoulders, for those who need help with the typesetting and design.

Here is a short informational video on our printable funeral program templates that you can download, edit and print your program yourself, locally or we can do it for you!