Understanding the Basics of a Funeral Program

Mar 23rd 2018

They say the death of someone is not felt until the funeral planning starts. And until the planning is done, the flow of the ceremony is in shambles. This is the reason why funeral programs are gaining popularity worldwide by the minute. As the word implies, Funeral Programs are papers or booklets where the whole funeral ceremony – from interment to memorial service, is summarized.

What to put on the funeral program

Anyone wanting to attend can see in just one paper everything that’s expected to happen. The basic information are itemized:

Full Name of the deceased (with photograph if the family desires)

Two dates – Birth and Death

Place where the body is to be laid for visitation

Starting date and location of interment

Date, time and place of funeral ceremony

Place where body is to be laid to rest (if it’s a different place from the ceremony)

Other matters are inserted on the program most of the time as there’s usually huge space left after the basic info is in place.

Family picture

Poems, letters, sayings or messages from the bereaved

Poems, letters, or artworks by the deceased during his lifetime

Short biography

Advance thank you message from the family to the attendee

Colors to wear during visit and on funeral day

Why the need for a funeral program

Have you experienced wanting to go to a certain place but not knowing how? You know it exists; it’s just that, you don’t know where it is located (maybe in Pluto). How then will you know how to get there when ‘there’ is not anywhere you know as well? You have the option to ask anyone; start by knocking on your neighbor’s door but for how long, no one knows.

This is the same as knowing that someone close to you, your family or just someone close to your heart (he might not know it until his death) has died but you’re not aware of the details. Good if you know where his home. And even when already there, and you were not handed a copy of the funeral program, you’re a one big nuisance asking for the details of the service (good intentions not considered).

Creating your own funeral program looks simple and easy enough but with you grieving and all, you wouldn’t want to risk creating a messy program. Leave it to the experts. Check www.funeralprogram-site.com. Templates are available and readily downloadable.