Wearing a Funeral Ribbon

Wearing a Funeral Ribbon

Posted by Admin on Mar 1st 2019

Wearing awareness ribbons are very fashionable today because it sends a message that you are supporting a cause or raising awareness of a particular cancer. People often wear a funeral ribbon because a loved one close to them was afflicted or somehow connected with the specific cancer.

These types of ribbons are typically 12” in length and created in a criss cross fashion and can be personalized along the edge with imprinting. It is fastened with a miniature safety pin to the dress, jacket or suite for a man or woman. They can come in a variety of colors, each depicting a specific cancer. There is a color ribbon associated with each cancer.

The ribbon is usually worn on the left chest or over the heart, which is symbolic for a cause that is close to the heart. It is pinned on via the safety pin attached on the ribbon. Some companies do not provide a pin back so be sure to read the description prior to purchasing.

When a person dies from cancer, the surviving family members may order a ribbon associated with his or her death. Wearing it in unison at a funeral or memorial service shows support for finding a cure and beating the disease.

If you are not sure what color a certain cause represents, you will find resources online if you type in cancer awareness ribbon color chart. This chart literally has so many different colors, some solid and some dual colored that represents almost every cause you can think of!

Personalization on ribbons must be done very careful and by a skilled professional. The reason for this is the alignment can be tricky and if it is not done correctly, the text will go askew and not be horizontally straight. This does not provide a professional presentation. It must also be done by special machinery in order to prevent the text from scratching off or fading.

Here's a quick peek of actual funeral ribbons and the various designs available from The Funeral Program Site. You can order them for all your funeral attendees or only for the immediate family to wear. They also make great in loving memory gifts for someone who has recently lost a loved one through a disease or cancer.

The imprinting can be done in any solid color, gold or silver foiling. The solid color inks tend to wear longer verses the heat foil method. The choice of which one will be done on the ribbon is strictly personal preference. When purchasing ribbon, make sure the lettering personalized is crisp and that the coloring is even throughout each letter.

The Funeral Program Site creates quality cancer awareness ribbons especially for a funeral or memorial. There is a variety of different designs for each color ribbon which is a nice variation to a simple design. They offer an embellishment in the center of the criss cross for an added adornment. It also really provides a more custom made appearance. All ribbons purchased from the online store will include a mini safety pin for ready-to-wear statements.

The quality of the ribbons are stiff enough to keep the signature form of an awareness ribbon. Each type of ribbon offers different icon accents in its center, such as a cross, dove, flower, or butterfly. There is even a ribbon with a circular aluminum disc pressed with your submitted photo.

The funeral ribbons are not one time things. Meaning you may wear it on more than one occasion. Certainly wearing it on the day of the service and visitation is appropriate. But you can also wear them on a death anniversary, birthday of a loved one, the awareness designated month of the cancer, or on any occasion you see fit to raise awareness!

You can even create your own color or combination of colors for a cause you want to support that may not already be noted in the Cancer Awareness Chart. The Funeral Program Site allows you to purchase and create your own such ribbon with imprinting.

These ribbons do not always have to be associated with a death. So if you feel strongly about a specific cause, wearing a looped awareness ribbon sends a message! Writing something on the ribbon further creates a conversation piece.

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