What Is A Funeral Program?

What Is A Funeral Program?

Posted by Admin on Feb 17th 2019

The Funeral Program Site provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding printed materials. This is the first in many videos we plan on producing to help address questions in our personalized fashion.

Hello! Welcome to another Q&A Session brought to you by The Funeral Program Site. My name is Carole and I am the Creative Director and founder. Today we're going to look at What is a funeral program? Yes, it seems like a simple question but one that is asked quite often. So basically where the confusion lies is that the funeral program can often be referred to by a variety of names. You may have heard it being called a funeral bulletin, a memorial folder, an order of service program, an obituary or even a funeral pamphlet. 

A funeral program is basically a printed memorial that outlines the key points of a funeral service or memorial service that highlights the achievements of your loved one. There really is no right or wrong way to include within your funeral program, it is really up to the family.  You can include some things such as the order of service or the events in which the service will flow, you can add a funeral obituary or a biography of your loved one. If it's a traditional service you may want to include the pallbearers information, you can add a special poem, and you can indicate the place of rest or interment information, as well as the funeral home that you are working with.

A funeral program can come in a variety of different sizes, styles, and backgrounds. In our video, we show an example of a letter size bifold program, printed front and back on a letter sheet of paper, folded directly down the middle or center. We call this a 4-sided program because there are two sections per side of the letter sheet of paper. This keepsake is an integral part of the funeral service because if you think about it, it is the last tangible item given and handed out to all attendees and surely one that the family will cherish. The program is typically put together by the family but the funeral home that you have entrusted the final arrangements may also offer that as an additional service or included within your burial package.

The Funeral Program Site offers DIY  funeral templates that you can download which are ready-made and will give you a jump start in producing your loved one's program. If you need more help, we can also assist you further by working with our graphic designer to put together your program for you! With either option, you can choose to print it locally or use our printing service.

Our Q&A videos are produced for you to put a face to the heart behind this website. We hope our videos will help answer your questions and help you get to know us better too! If you have a question, you would like us to answer on video, please submit it via our website contact form and we'll be happy to answer them!