Wildflower Plantable Seed Pieces Packets

Mar 20th 2018

We are fast approaching Spring here in the midwest as well as other regions of the United States experiencing warmer than usual weather. A wonderful treat for a great memorial in the Springtime or really, any time of year is our newest product, Wildflower Plantable Seed Pieces Packets!

They are a pretty collection of plantable paper pieces in a variety of colors packaged in a convenient little packet, perfect for gift giving or distributing at the memorial service.

They are customizable with your loved one's name and dates on the front of each packet, or up to 3 lines of your personalized text. Simply sprinkle these pieces into the ground or in a flower pot filled with soil, water and watch the new seedlings sprout within a few weeks! A great eco-friendly memorial favor as well as a wonderful visual reminder of a loved one's memory.

Our packet is filled with annuals and perennial paper seeds in a mixture of different wildflowers. Each pack varies in colors so you will be pleasantly surprised when they sprout up for you to see the array of colorful flowers.

You can order our newest product directly from our online superstore in increments of 6 packets, which is available for $3.95 each packet fully personalized with your information! Get ready for a great distribution item to funeral memorial attendees or hand-out to immediate family members. Get them only from The Funeral Program Site!