Writing Your Own Funeral Poems

Jun 28th 2018

If you are unable to find the perfect poem to use in the memorial service of a loved one, consider writing funeral poems yourself. It is really not that difficult to do. In fact, it is simply a matter of expression and letting those emotion come out in the form of poetry. Here are some tips to use to help you write these types of poems if you are considering doing this. The first and foremost must be to be in touch with your emotions. You may be feeling an array of emotions right now before or after suffering a loss and it can be a part of the healing process to write them down.

Begin by jotting down one word feelings you are currently experiencing, such as anger, devastation, sadness or confusion. Once you get those words on paper look them over and start at the top of the list of words. Next, expound a little bit on each emotion with one or two sentences. When you have finished this put those sentences together in some kind of order. You can even change some of the wording so that they will rhyme with a few lines.

You can do this technique with not only emotions but characteristics of the deceased. By expanding on each sentence that you write, it will help to create a beautiful sentiment for your loved one. This is a great thing to do because it will unleash much unexpressed emotional feelings that may otherwise not be conveyed in some kind of form.

So there are so many benefits to doing this including being able to use and include your self written poems into any printed materials such as the ceremony programs, funeral prayer cards, or bookmarks. That's really all there is to it. You may be surprised on just how easy it was to create.

If you absolutely do not want to attempt writing poetry, you can always solicit a friend or perhaps family member to do so. Usually, students are the best selections as they may generally already have a supply of poetry from school projects.