Your Own Funeral Preparations

Mar 23rd 2018

Death never did sit well with the loved ones who were left behind. As many as the emotions that need dealing with, there are the funeral arrangements as well that need to be attended to. If you are one of the chosen few who were given the opportunity to know the approximate date when you die, make the most of the time left. Making the most of time includes preparing for your own funeral; funeral service programs, themes for the program, music and decorations, caskets, etc.

All of these can be a nuisance even for your parents, husbands or wives. They are good destructions for a while for a grieving heart but so unnecessary (when you could have assigned someone else during your lifetime). One good idea is, while you make your last will (if you have properties). Assign someone not necessarily within the family to do the paper stuff for a fee. You wouldn’t want disgruntled individuals during your funeral. Here are some few tips that may be of help:

Themes. Do you love music? Do you play musical instruments? You can use the music and songs theme category at Celebrations of Life Store. Preprinted title scripts are available and are fully editable at your own choice. The theme you choose can be the central theme of your whole funeral program.

Music. Choose as early as now which music genres you want to be played during your interment and at your funeral. Be specific. If you want a solemn atmosphere, the most requested is the song ‘Angel’ by Sarah Mclachlan. Check on the internet and browse through a lot of possible songs (not necessarily funeral songs) you want played.

Foods. Guests, family and friends need food while reminiscing the past spent with you. Make the chat comfortable by providing foods you know they’d appreciate. Coffee is a must as they would be trying to stay awake some time especially on the night before your burial. Cookies are sweet as well. Finger foods are preferable; the lesser mess the better for the ones in charge of keeping the area clean.

Thank you cards and guest book. This is not popular but you may want to give out thank you cards to everyone who attended the burial. Of course you don’t hand them out yourself (scary!) but it’s better planned out to the smallest detail than leave it to your loved ones left behind. The Hardcover Guest Book you can buy and prepare while you’re here (not dead yet).