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books.on.grief.loss.jpgBelow is great list of books on grief and loss for you to consider reading after the funeral services have concluded. These books are a good reference for helping the healing process and gaining insight on the loss of a loved one.

Amazon is a great resource for books since they originally started selling books on their mega website! Some of these book may be available in audio form from Amazon as well as the hardcopy version. This makes it easier for those who like to listen instead of reading or perhaps listen as you read, audio books are a great accompaniment. Click on the title to take you to the purchase page.

A Companion for Living and Dying (Wisdom of the World) –Gary Malkin
This amazing little book is all about coming terms with death. It is often used in hospice situations, terminally ill patients and family members. It helps open a way to talk about death, forgiveness and acceptance, and the process of letting go. Words of comfort are included from selected historical and public figures as well as an accompanying CD that includes thoughts, prayers, chants and stories of comfort and reflection. 

Heal Your Grieving Heart, 100 Practical Ideas –Alan D. Wolfelt PH.D
It is important to mourn because expressing your grief in order to let the healing in is key to the recovery process. Knowing how to mourn may not always come easily to some and this book offers 100 practical ideas to put into practice self compassion. Some ideas include the principles of grief and mourning and others noted offer practical, action-oriented tips for embracing your grief. 

Alison's Gift: Song of a Thousand Hearts Opening –Pat Hogan
A true story of a sudden death of a beloved child that demonstrates the value of community and courage in facing death and handling all the details of the loss of a loved one. A heartfelt story about a child's death, her life and the unique legacy she left behind at such a young age. A wonderful read about courage, compassion, beauty, love and loss.

Awakening From Grief: Find the Way Back to Joy –John Welshons
A practical and great guide to help you through the grieving of a loved one. A good book when you feel that a death has turned your life upside-down from a loved one's death. It is also for those who you are close to that have suffered a recent death.

A Caregiver's Challenge: Living, Loving, Letting Go" –Maryann Schacht
The author was writing a book on how to care for the terminally ill when her husband got diagnosed with cancer. She now put to practice all she had been writing about to care and tend to her husband of 25 years. After his death, she completed writing her book on caring for the ill with practical guidance and experience.

A Grief Observed –C.S. Lewis
This is a classic and written by a beloved author. It talks about grief more than so many other books. A movie was inspired it called "Shadowlands". Although its an oldie, a must addition to your library.

A Time To Mourn, A Time To Dance: Help for the Losses in Life –Margaret Metzgar
A very comprehensive and comforting book about grief that includes almost everything a person would want to know about suffering a loss of a loved one. Beautiful pictures that touches on what grief is and helps you to understand what you may be experiencing after a death. This book includes many types of losses such as a death of a child, traumatic death, sudden death and loss of health to name a few.

Gili's Book: A Journey Into Bereavement For Parent and Counselors –Henya Kagan Klein
The author writes from a perspective of a grieving parent. She discusses the loss of her daughter, the emotions and struggles she experienced during and after the loss.

The Gift of Significance: Walking People Through Loss – Doug Manning
It's as real as it gets. This book talks about grief and the way people feel as they experience it, provides ideas on how to understand the experience as you encounter it through the stages of grief.

Thoughts For The Lonely Nights: A Conversation About Grief –Doug Manning
Accompanied by a CD and is presented in a journal-like read. You hear the author narration on the CD, gives you time to write down things in the journal. If you don't feel like writing, you can choose to just listen to what is being spoken about grief.

Surviving the Death of A Sibling: Living Through Grief When An Adult Brother or Sister Dies –TJ Wray
The author feels like they take your hand to help you understand all of the pain that is being experienced through grief. Each page provides comfort with a writing style that is warm and conversational.

The Next Place –Warren Hanson
A nondenominational, spiritual book that reads more like a poem with nice illustrations. Kids and adults can read this together and is comforting for all ages.