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Burial Clothing For Viewing you choose the traditional burial method know that there is a decision that needs to be made during the planning process on how to dress your loved ones in a viewing of the body. If pre-planning was done, you may have already decided on their burial clothing. Burial clothing are the garments the deceased will be viewed in an open casket and later be buried in.

Type of Garments

Most people want to be buried in garments that are typical of a formal attire that an individual would wear when going out. Shoes are optional. The garments that you should include are dress or suit, underwear, stockings or nylons, and jewelry, if desired. It is not mandatory that they wear formal clothing, if your loved one was a casual dresser and loved being in jeans and a T-shirt, then by all means you can make that decision to dress them as he was known. You may choose something from their own closet of decide to go out and purchase it. The funeral home may also have traditional clothing as included in the package if you need to select this option. Most families however, choose an outfit that was something the deceased would wear.

Whatever your loved one wore the most during life will be certainly appropriate to how they are dressed in their final rest. You may want to consider clothing that’s appropriate for their age and condition. For example one woman, used to wear turtlenecks in life and when she buried her mother, she purchased a turtleneck in her favorite color. Regardless of whether or not it was summer or winter, it was an article of clothing that was particularly favored by the deceased. 

A woman loved and wore her pajamas in the last 5 years of her life. She decided that is what she is going to be buried in because she will be going to eternal slumber. As strange as it may appear, it was her wish and her family abided by that. As she lay in her casket, her family was comforted looking at her in a comfortable and peaceful state.

Another family chose long sleeves for their uncle, who had been on life-support machines prior to his death and had many scars on his arms, so long sleeves covered up the marks appropriately. This is a good example of a condition that necessitated the long sleeve selection.

Clothing Accessories

If your loved one wore dentures please bring them prior to embalming. This will help the mortician prepare the body appropriately and give it a more natural looking appearance for the viewing. Eyeglasses are also important and should be brought to the funeral home if your loved one wore them every day or all the time. It is important that the deceased look as natural as what they looked like in every day life, in the casket. For babies, you may want to include a special blanket or onesie or even a special bonnet. If the garment is unusual or native to a culture, you may want to leave instructions on how to dress the baby. Again this will all depend on the family‘s wishes for their loved one. Most funeral homes also have suits and ties and dresses to select from, but most families prefer their loved ones own clothing because it adds a special touch. If you are planning your own funeral let your loved ones know what you would like to be buried in or set aside the garments where they can locate them.

Clothing is a small part of one of the decisions that you will need to make when preparing for a loved one’s open casket viewing. Traditional burials and viewings before cremations will require this decision to be made. In addition to the garment, you may also want to provide a photo of your loved one to the make up artist so they are able to prepare your loved one as close to what they look like when living.