Sample of A Catholic Funeral Mass Funeral Program in Shamrock Irish Design

This example is presented to you in our centerfold or bifold letter size funeral program using our Shamrock design template as the foundation. The Catholic mass can be rather lengthy and in this case, the family chose to use the entire pages to set the mass text. The black and white photo on the cover is a nice display of how B/W photos work beautifully with our color backgrounds. This program provides minimal photos and uses just one main photo on the front cover.

Case Study

The family and deceased is from an Irish heritage and wanted to use a background that was an extension of their roots. This design brings in a side border of green Shamrock leaves set on a white backdrop for just the right amount of embellishment to the front cover. it is a funeral Catholic mass and the entire order of service information was included but fit within a 4-sided program. When a program is this text heavy, it is very important to make the text look appealing to the reader and legible. We did just that by typesetting the words in a professional format.

Front Cover

The cover's only color addition is that of the Shamrock vertical border that is displayed on the left side. Leaves and flourish stems create a special adornment but does not overpower the black and white photo. This is a good example of our color background working nicely with a black and white photo. Some families are hesitant to submit a B/W photo to sit on top of our color background designs but as you can see, it is a nice contrasting combination and coordinates. In some cases, a B/W photo may be highlighted even more since it is such a contrast from the background.

Inside Left and Right

The two inside pages are the first pages of the funeral mass order of service information. It is important to break up the text and format it in a legible layout because there are no photos to break up the text. Our graphic designers are experts in doing this with the proper amount of text italicized, bolded and capitalization. There is also main headlines created to act as a separator for each section. Even from afar, the text is formatted beautifully. Text can be a form of design and should look nice when scanning with the eye. The success of a designer is inviting the reader to read the wording when looking at the overall content initially.

Back Page

The back cover finishes off the mass order of service information and set upon a light green solid background. The color coordinates with the hues on the front cover to tie the entire design together. It is further embellished with a pair of shamrock leaves along two adjacent corners. It's important to keep the design theme going throughout the program to ensure consistency. The interment (burial location) is noted at the end along with the family's note of acknowledgement or gratitude to everyone for their kindness and love during their time of loss.

Printing & Assembly

This program was printed in a full-bleed presentation which means that the background is printed right to the edge of the paper. When you first print the sheets, there will be white 1/8" border around the perimeter of each sheet. Professional printers trim the pages to achieve this look. Some home ink jet printers will have the option of an edge-to-edge paper print and will vary depending on the brand. The assembly for the layout is simple, it folds directly in half after the page is printed on both sides. This can be done either by hand or by a folding machine.

 We offer quality funeral program printing services for those who decide they want an all-inclusive service.