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Children funeral programs are a sweet printed memorial honoring a child's memory regardless of the age. They typically consists of photos, remembrance poems, order of service information and/or loving tribute by the parents. The backgrounds of this special program typically consists of pastel or bright colors which is dependent on the age. Children hold a special place in our hearts and the program can be an important part of a service since it provides a tangible memorial that is treasured for many years.

DIY Templates For Children, Youth, or Baby Funeral Programs

The Funeral Program Site offers a sweet collection of adorable funeral backgrounds are especially create for baby, children or youth. Soft pastels and elements of childhood or infancy make up these wonderful designs that are easy to edit and print. Our carefully crafted designs will honor their memory in a sweet and wonderful illustration of youthful designs. Angel illustrations are often synonymous with children or babies and some of our sweetest designs relating to children are created in this department.

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  • starry yellow Funeral Program Template starry purple Funeral Program Template starry pink Funeral Program Template starry blue Funeral Program Template starry green Funeral Program Template

    Starry Funeral Program Template

    Our exclusive line of funeral programs for kids offers this memorable memorial keepsake program that displays a starry background. Your loved one’s photo will be highlighted and displayed in a large oval frame amidst the center of the background...

  • school Funeral Program Template school funeral program inside view

    School Funeral Program Template

    This nostalgic children's theme design illustrates a school and learning theme amidst a pastel painted background. The back of the cover continues the children's theme program with white transparent content box that is perfect for a poem or short...

  • princess funeral program princess funeral program inside view

    Princess Funeral Program Template

    This is a soft and beautiful design with your princess in mind with a swirly background and heart rose emblem on the front cover. Your loved one’s photo will be highlighted and displayed in a sweet frame. The back of the cover continues the soft...

  • nursery blue Funeral Program Template nursery pink Funeral Program Template nursery red Funeral Program Template nursery purple Funeral Program Template nursery green Funeral Program Template

    Nursery Funeral Program Template

    Our sweet Nursery funeral and memorial template design displays a soft pastel gradient background and fluffy teddy bear accent with a beautiful bow. Your loved one’s photo will be highlighted and displayed in the rounded rectangular frame. The...

  • dreamstime lavender Funeral Program Template dreamstime blue Funeral Program Template dreamstime green Funeral Program Template dreamstime yellow Funeral Program Template dreamstime peach Funeral Program Template

    Dreamstime Funeral Program Template

    This sweet funeral order of service template is designed in a soft lavender background trimmed with a delicate ribbon and precious little lamb accent at the bottom. Your loved one’s photo is set inside a delicate frame in the center of the front...

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