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Funeral Order of Service

funeral order of service program

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A funeral booklet is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one who has recently passed. A funeral booklet is often referred to with other names such as funeral program, funeral service program, or memorial service bulletin.

It essentially contains the funeral order of service or in other words, the order of events that will transpire within the funeral service and is presented in the booklet in a chronological order. The funeral order of service booklet also contains the deceased life bio or obituary. You can write as much or as little as you'd like within the obituary because you do not have space limitation like the obituaries within a newspaper column.


The beauty of funeral order of service booklets is that you can make them as long as you'd like with as many pages as you need. Just remember to stay within the constraints of your funeral printing budget. If you print them on your own, you may be able to have more flexibility. Including a photo before or with the obituary notice in the booklet adds a special touch.


Funeral poetry that provides meaningful passages as well as scripture verses and hymn lyrics are again another popular choice that are often included in funeral order of service booklets. To assemble your booklet after printing has been completed, it is wise to place 2 centerfold staples to keep the pages together. Because people tend to keep this booklet for many years after the funeral service, staples will keep the booklet together in its entirety.


The funeral order of service booklet outline is as follows:

Front Cover:

The cover of the order of service displays your loved one's full legal name, date of birth, date of death, location and time of service. The cover will sometimes have a photo of the deceased, and sometimes the cover contains in special script the title "In Loving Memory" or "Celebration of Life".


The actual order of service denotes any of the following but will depend on the type of religious or non-religious funeral service you have:

  • Opening Music (Prelude)
  • Introduction -- Opening or Introduction by the Officiant
  • Music or a Song (Biblical scripture verse, funeral poem, or song can be noted wthin the booklet)
  • Funeral Readings from the Bible or non-relgiious writing
  • Memories of the Deceased, Eulogy, Tribute
  • Music Poetry or a Special Reading
  • Hymn or Music (lyrics can be listed within Order of Service)
  • Commencement, Committal and Blessing
  • Closing Music
  • Special Donation Requests can indicated at the end of the funeral order of service items or on the back of the program.


The back of the funeral order of service booklet can also contain expressions of gratitude from the bereaved family, and the place where the internment or reception will be held.

You can view many predesigned funeral order of service booklets from our extensive array of designs catalog.