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Funeral Program Outline

funeral bulletin

The funeral program outline consists of some basic information that is normally included within a funeral program. Of course, it will also vary depending on the type of funeral service you are planning.

The following are some general guidelines for a standard 4-page funeral bulletin program (1 letter size sheet, single fold, printed front and back) to help you in obtaining information on what to include for the funeral program outline, in the order of appearance on each page:

Front Cover

  • The deceased name: Should indicate formal full name given at birth
  • The date of birth and date of death on the front cover, generally noted under the full name and can also be noted on the obituary page and inside page of choice, where appropriate.
Inside Page 1
  • An obituary tribute on the inside cover notes the deceased biography and life highlights with surviving family names noted from parents to great grandchildren, if applicable.
  • Include photo with obituary, if desired. Scripture verse can preceed or proceed the obituary
Page 2 (Adjacent to Inside Page 1)
  • Note the Funeral Order of Service event item. The date and time of the service, location of funeral and officiating person's name should be at the top of this page.
  • Note the order of service in chronological order. Beside the event item on the order of service page, note the person who will be speaking or performing.
  • Note the interment or reception at the end of the order of service.
  • Note any acknowledgements by the family regarding a short note of thanks for the support during their time of loss.

Back Cover Page

  • Pall Bearers, Honorary Pall Bearers, Flower Bearers, Church location, Funeral Poems, Bible Scripture, or Any written work can be displayed on this page. Acknowledgements can also be noted here
  • You may also include additional photos at the back of the funeral program. Generally, photos are placed at the end of the funeral program.
This is just a basic guideline on the outline for a funeral program. You can essentially place any information anywhere you'd like within the funeral program. We recommend that you write the outline according to sequence or order of events. If your program is more extensive, write it out on scratch paper prior to creating it on the computer. 
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