Making A Funeral Program

Apr 29th 2018

Getting information on how to make funeral programs is not a challenging task now that you've found The Funeral Program Site. We not only offer a large selection of beautiful funeral program templates but we also believe in assisting you by providing as much information as you need in your funeral planning.

Making a funeral program can take as much time as you want to devote into the project creation of this memorial keepsake. But if your like most people, you may not have a lot of time but still want to create a wonderful treasured memorial for your loved one. Here are some tips on how to make a funeral program whether you choose to use a funeral program template from our design collection or create one on your own:

  • Begin by deciding what size you would like the program to be. There is single fold and tri folded funeral programs. A single fold, letter size program is the most popular and versatile and the paper size is readily avaiable at just about any store. A legal size tri fold is also a nice presentation however, the limitation is you cannot make a booklet and add additional pages if needed. If you think you will have a small amount of text information to include in the program, a tri fold brochure funeral program may be a good option.
  • If the funeral service is large and contains much within the obituary, funeral order of service, and other information, you may want to consider a single fold letter, legal size, or even a tabloid size funeral booklets.
  • You will need to gather all the information you would like to include. This may take a little bit so plan accordingly. The funeral order of service may need to be obtained from the funeral home officiant or church pastoral staff. If an obituary was written for the local newspaper, you may want to expand the information since newspaper obituaries tend to have a space limitation.
  • Next, determine what computer software application you want to make your funeral program in. The three popular choices are Microsoft W ord, Publisher, and for Mac users, Apple iWork Pages. Select an application you are familiar with and have some knowledge in or you will have some struggles as you create the funeral program. If you are not versed on any of these applications, consider having a special caligraphy funeral program done or enlist the help of a family member or friend who is comfortable on the computer.
  • If you choose to create a funeral program from scratch, you may want to have a nice front cover background. You can use any landscape photograph or sold color background.
  • A program can consist of a funeral cover design with a photo of the deceased, their name, and date of birth through date of death. The inside of the program generally contains the funeral order of service which may include songs, readings, bible verses, names of participating family members and clergy. The funeral program can also contain an obituary of the deceased along with additional photos throughout their life.
  • A great alternative is to purchase a template from our funeral programs design collection. Our funeral templates are preformatted and predesigned for you. The only thing you will need to do is enter and customize the text for the order of service and enter the deceased photo on the cover. This is a much needed time saver during the tight time constraints of funeral planning. Funeral program templates can be an extra hand during an extremely emotional and stressful time.

Once you have all the information together and entered within your program, you are ready to print. You can print the funeral programs yourself or take it to a local office supply store for printing.