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Publisher Templates

This article share why some prefer using Microsoft Publsher over Word.

publisherThe Microsoft Publisher® software is a good application to create or use with funeral templates. Because Publisher is used mainly as a layout or design program, creating a funeral bulletin is easy to do.


If creating a program from a blank canvas, Publisher® provides you with all the tools you need to import a background from scratch into the document. Editing any of our templates inside Publisher® is simple and easy to do as well. In fact, you will save time using a template verses creating it from scratch.


We believe one of the best features that Publisher® offers is that ability to add pages quickly. If you utilize one of our 2-page programs and want to expand it to make a booklet, you can do so with ease. You will simply copy the inside page as many times as you need to to form your booklet. All the elements within the page are also copied which is a great feature that saves time.


This software is Microsoft's "Layout" program for the beginner or intermediate computer user. You are able to crop, size, enable transparency to images, brighten and bring up contrast to photos all within the Publisher® software! It is also created to create all forms of print media.


Most people believe this application is easier to use than the Microsoft Word® software. We tend to agree with that since you are able to do more graphic type work with Publisher®. Utilizing our templates makes it even better since we've done the design for you. You can add embellishments to any of our templates or leave them as they are. And you can do so freely by using Publisher®.


All our templates are fully compatible with Microsoft Publisher® 2000 & up, view our beautiful selection of:

Programs, Graduated Fold, Tri Folds, Booklets, and Cards


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