Creating A Pet Memorial

Mar 23rd 2018

Pets are very much a part of our daily lives. They bring joy and warmth to families and when they pass, a memorial is a perfect way to remember the memories.

pet memorialsCreating a pet memorial is fairly easy to do when you utilize our pet memorial card templates. Pets can be very much a part of a family unit and when one of our beloved four legged friends passes away, it can also have devastating affects just like if it was one of our human counterparts. This has been shown to be especially true when the pet has been with the family for many years.

Pets add so much to our lives and we are happy to be able to provide a way to keep their memory alive. When we lost our first cat, Tiger it was a sad day in our family. He was ran over by a car and although still alive when we found him, he had so much damage that the vet advised us to put him to sleep. We had so many fond memories of Tiger throughout the years and we were all heartbroken when he had to leave us forever.

At the time and before I got into the business of creating templates, we did not create a memorial of any sort for him. Our beloved Tiger comes up often in our conversations today and now having made a pet memorial card for him, really helps us remember. I can’t tell you how happy it makes us to see his funny face on the card. Pet memorial cards may seem like an insignificant item to have but once you have one created, you will be glad you did.

The pet memorial cards here at The Funeral Program Site superstore are offered in two different layouts. You can purchase and download a flat card which is very similar to a prayer card. Your pet’s photo can be placed on the front of the card with a special memory or poem imprinted on the back. You can choose to laminate this format for a longer lasting keepsake.

We also have a pet memorial card that is the same size in dimension but is folded. The fold is a great little card that allows slightly more room for text or even an additional little photo. The folded card should not be laminated because of the fold but you can print this on a heavier cardstock paper for durability.

The pet memorial templates come 8 to a sheet of letter paper so you do not have to print as many pages. Once you customize all the cards you simply print it and cut to separate each card. It can’t be any simpler than that and your end result is a beautiful, professionally crafted pet memorial card.

With our products and services you always have an option. You can print these yourself on your home printer or you can take it anywhere to get printed. We also provide professional printing services if you would like to have us put it together for you and print them. Because we specialize in these types of products, you can rest assured that your final product will be perfect.

Don’t forget that we also have pet memorial gift items such as adorable pet frames where you can hang your pet’s dog or cat tag along with inserted a photo of them. This can also serve as a type of memorial for your pet without having to make any cards. Pets often hold such a special place in our hearts. Creating a keepsake should be automatic to remember the many years of faithfulness and joy they provided us.

Let us know how your pet has impacted your life.