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The Special Graduated Step Fold Program


What makes the graduated step fold program special? Many people love the look and presentation of a graduated program as a form of memorial booklet for a loved one. It does have a unique appearance in comparison with the traditional single fold bulletin. Families who like this look are attracted to it because it is unconventional and in turn helps recipients to explore the contents of the program deeper.

The graduated fold typically comes in a letter size paper layout. Although once assembled it is wider in length because of the step folds or tabs that are extended from the right side. There is also a layout for the step program with the graduated tabs on the bottom of the program. This adds another level of uniqueness to the overall presentation. You will be able to find all of these layouts on this website. We specialize in this type of layout and create templates that enable you to be able to achieve this otherwise, difficult layout in easy steps.

There are essentially two styles: the 2-page and the 4-page graduated programs. The 2-page program uses one sheet of letter paper and exposes one tab on the right side. The 4-page program uses two sheets of letter paper and exposes three tabs on the right. The amount of text and photos you plan on including may dictate which style you select.
We have been asked by many families if pages can be added to this layout. We recommend you do not add more pages than what is already created since it can add complexity to the assembly.
Some have also asked if we can graduate larger size papers such as the legal or even tabloid size. Using the legal size paper is doable and will still work but keep in mind, you end up with a more rectangular landscape program once assembled. Because the legal size folded in half is the size of a square, if you start adding tabs to the right side of it by offsetting the fold, the end folded product will be more wider than it is tall.
A tabloid size graduated is not recommended. Because of the large size it will be difficult for the tabs to stay firm or hold up after assembly. It will tend to bend over which really defeats the whole idea of the tabs. We do suggest you print the programs on a 32 lb. or at least a 60 lb. text weight paper. Stay clear of using card stock as it tends to be hard to fold to lay flat and will crack at the folded edge, if a long grain paper is used.
Creating or producing one of these types of programs is not difficult if you employ the use of one of our templates. Make sure you do not widen any of the text boxes contained in the template or the program will not align properly when folded. Other than that, it is a fill-in and insert your photo process. Just replace our filler text with your own information and you are on your way to producing one of the most sought after layouts in the industry!
If your interested in checking out a sampling or see our short info video on this, check it here.

Honoring With Memorial Candles

memorial candles
Honoring a memory with a memorial candle is the perfect tribute you can do for a loved one whenever you like. It’s a known fact that when you light a candle, it signifies something special such as a memory or need in one’s life.


When you light a candle for a loved one, it means you are thinking of them and remembering their life and all they have meant to you. It is a form of tribute and one families do as a ritual or practice whether it is on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis.

The Funeral Program Site offers four different kinds of memorial candles. We offer pillar candles, glass candles, LED candles, and our recent new addition, votive candles. All products are available for personalization and can add a photo of your loved one, except the votives.


The pillar wax candles are unscented and are a great item to display at the ceremony or wake visitation. We embed a photo of your loved one inside the wax. When burned properly, it will preserve the outside photo.

The glass candles are a container that stands 6” tall and is wrapped with a gloss UV coated wrapper that contains the photo and background image. Glass candle containers include the wax candle that sits inside and can be replaced when its finished its use. The LED candles are a great one if you want to go flameless. This is a battery operated candle that has an automatic shutoff. It also has a pleasant vanilla scent and is one of the best looking flameless candles on the market.

The votive candles are our newest product in the memorial photo candle category. These little gems are a wonderful keepsake which you can use as a favor. You are not able to place a photo on these votive holders because of the smaller size but we are able to customize up to 3 lines of text. They come in a large array of background patterns in all the colors you can think of.

Families have used our candles to purchase for all immediate family members while others find it something they want to distribute to everyone who comes to the service. All order are always shipped within 24 hours after the order has been placed with your choice of 1, 2, or 3 day shipping.

If your a business, consider selling these for a great addition to your existing product line. We do offer volume discounts and wholesale opportunities for selected items we manufacture. You can purchase one of each type to display as a sample and show your customers what they are able to purchase from your shop.

Candles create a great ambience to any room or decor. It promotes a soothing type of glow and has been proven to soothe the spirit. This is probably why churches often have candles in their worship center. Everyone loves a candle especially if it also has a beloved photo on the front of it.

Once you order one, you’ll be able to see why this has been a popular item in our online superstore. We manufacture each candle so we can pass the savings on to you, there is no middleman when you shop at our store!

Adding Instant Elegance with Titles

faith based titleMany of you love our elegant script titles that are available in our Just Elegant Titles category. We’ve created these prescripted titles so you can add instant elegance to any document on a Windows or MAC computer. They work with any program you are using on your computer so your not just confined to Microsoft Word, Publisher, OpenOffice, or Apple iWork Pages. We want to make it easy for you to create something without having to do all the hard work. You shouldn’t have to during a time of need, there is often no time to do so  with the short window of time for funeral planning.

Enter our beautiful elegant titles! Because they are so fun for us to make (we love typography), we’ve created alot of titles to choose from. There are four categories: life events, program titles, bible verses and even sympathy messages. Within each of these sections, are phrases or words carefully combined bible versetogether to produce a great looking title that is captivating and exquisite!

The best part of about these scripted titles is that they have a transparent background so that means you are able to place them into any document. If you want to place them over an existing background image or place color behind the titles, you can and it will blend right in!  You are able to size them and move them around therefore using them within any part or page of your document.

Inserting them is easy and we have a great video tutorial to show you how. All our videos for the designated product or template is located also within the product details pages for your convenience. There are written instructions as well for those who do not want to watch the video but would rather read a step by step instruction.

In the bible verses titles, you will find great verses that are relevant and perfect for a funeral or memorial service. It will encourage and help the faith based believer by seeing his or her favorite scripture in such an elegant form. We’ve also included the scripture reference within all the spiritual based titles.  These are great to include in any of the bookmark, thank you card, or program event titles

The sympathy messages
are great to place inside a card. Use them instead of writing a condolence note by hand or in plain text print. It’s really a fast way to create a condolence card. Simply insert it into your card template, place in envelope and mail to the recipient.

church events titleThe program titles are made to work beautifully with our any occasion templates. Because you are able to edit the title of these programs, you can choose the elegant title of your choice and insert it the template. A great addition to any template whether you download one of our premium files or our free funeral program template.

The Life Events titles are made to use for events that may be held at a church function or even a life event anyone may have such as an anniversary or birthday party. Use these to add to an invitation, card, or letter! They are wonderful additions and is sure to get people’s attention.

One Page Funeral Flyer Sheets

funeral flyers

Our wonderful one page funeral flyer sheets are a great template to use for any occasion you can think of. Not only can you use them as a funeral service flyer, you are also able to use them afterwards whenever you need any type of one page layout or stationery. Because our templates are so versatile, they can be used beyond the boundaries of a funeral. That way, your money goes a long way!

Our designs for the flyers are always provided with a front and back. They are also designed so that you are place your text comfortably in the center of each page. The design has been modified by our talented staff so it frames your customized text. If you do not want to use the back page design, you are free to remove it. Simply click on the background image and hit delete on your keyboard. Make sure if you do this that you keep a copy of the original template in tact in case you do want to use the flyer template with the back design, you will have it.

You can certainly use this template as a form of stationery. If you want to write a letter or use it for advertising a product you have, it can be done. If you prefer this type of layout because you may not have much text or information or do not want want a handout that is folded, then this is for you!  Sometimes, it’s just nice to handout a flyer sheet since it is cost effective in printing. There is no folding and you don’t even have to have any printing on the back side of the sheet either.

There are also photo boxes that are included in the layout along with filler text. You can either follow our guideline or replace it with any text you’d like. On the back of the flyer, there are four photo boxes where you can insert memorable photos. There is also one photo box on the front cover. Any of the photo boxes can be removed, if desired.

The colors in the design are subtle so it doesn’t compete with your text you want to promote. That’s good design. Good design doesn’t take away from the main point or focus but should enhance your text. This is what we strive for in every one of our templates. Designs offered match any of our other other program templates.

The flyer template size is 8.5 x 11 or universally known as a letter size dimension. When you print it you will have to print the first page first and then flip the paper to print the second page, if you do not have a printer that prints in duplex mode. Additionally, if you don’t have a printer that is borderless, it will print a white border around the edges. You can either trim this off if you want to achieve the full bleed look or just leave it on there. Our designs work either way so it really is just a matter of personal preference. The white border often acts as a frame of the inside design which makes it look intentional as opposed to odd.


Enjoy our flyers and let your creatively be unleashed!



A Perfect Time for Planting Seeds

custom seed packetsNow is the perfect time of the year for planting memorial seeds! We offer custom seed packets as a memorial that will blossom year after year in your garden or planter box. These great memorial keepsakes are the perfect tribute for a loved one and a great idea for a favor or giveaway at the funeral service.

Simply send in a photo of your loved one and we’ll take care of the rest! We remove the background and place the photo on one of our wildflower seed backgrounds of your choice. They are the cutest little items to distribute and everyone will love them. We special blend wildflower seeds within each packet so they will grow optimally in your area or region of the country.

The custom seed packets are exclusively made by The Funeral Program Site and are very popular among families and businesses. It is a great way to see a memorial annually because the wildflower mixture we use are annuals, perennials and biennials. Remembering a loved one in this way is not only earth friendly but a green way to go as far as a memorial tribute. It also adds beauty to your garden or yard. Designate a small spot in your background and plant the seeds of life memorial with our custom seed packets.

We have carefully selected 100% pure wildflower seeds that will guarantee growth! That is why we have separated them into regions that will be best for them to grow in. Plant them in honor of a loved one’s memory.

All orders are processed and shipped out within 24 hours. We understand the time sensitivity of a funeral service, so we make it our goal tseed packetso work as speedily as possible to meet your timeframe.  Seed packets are so cute, we know you’ll be back for more. They are the best quality seeds on the best quality designs because we manufacture them here directly.

There is quality you can count in all our memorial products and programs. Because we specialize in these types of items, we know our business!  If you’ve never considered having a custom seed packet created before, I encourage you to do so now. You will love the way they turn out, they are one of my favorite items in our online superstore. Not only can they be done for funerals or memorials, but they can also be created for any occasion you can think of! We do provide volume discounts so if you want a quote, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide that for you.

Even if it isn’t Spring and we’re well into the summer season now, you can still use these as a handout. Attendees and family can plant these in the fall or spring depending on which packet you choose and which region you live in. They really are an all-around keepsake for everyone.

We provide you with up to 3 lines of customized text of your choice which we imprint on the front of the seed packets. They are very special indeed and something you can also distribute at a wake/visitation or the funeral reception or interment.

We can create a custom background as well if you'd like. Just let us know and we're on it! Don't forget to check out our other plantable memorial products in the form of plantable cards and bookmarks.


May your memories blossom with our wildflower seeds!