Adding Pages to Make A Booklet

Mar 23rd 2018

Let’s take a look at adding pages to our templates. Adding pages is very obtainable for you to do and there is no extra charge to do so. This is all within your control after downloading any of our templates. The best template layouts to use for adding additional pages are the single fold programs.

You can choose from our letter, legal or tabloid size programs to make a booklet. All our single fold template layouts come formatted with one sheet of paper printed front and back. That means that when you open the template, it will consist of two pages inside the template file.

If you find that you need more room, you can freely add as many pages as you like. Most families opt to add an additional sheet or 2 pages within the template file. The method in which you do this will vary depending on which application you chose to work in. I can tell you that MIcrosoft Word will be your most challenging to add pages to. iWork Pages and Publisher is a one step operation when adding a page.

What you are essentially doing is duplicating the inside page. In Pages and Publisher, you simply select the duplicate command and you have an extra page. In Word, you will need to do a few more steps in order to achieve a booklet style layout. We do have video instructions for each version of Word 2003, 2007, and 2010 along with written step by step instruction.

Essentially, you will need to create two blank pages in Word, and copy all the elements onto the blank pages. Unfortunately Word does not have a one step operation that we are aware of that enables this to be done in one click.

This may be a factor for some when deciding upon which template format to choose. If this is an important factor for you, I suggest that you choose either Publisher or iWork Pages. You may also consider the free software OpenOffice, since we have found it to be a bit more user friendly than Microsoft Word itself.

Our letter single fold programs are not formatted in a “booklet style” layout since the layout is on one sheet of paper. Keep in mind when you add pages, what you see on the screen isn’t necessarily how it will be layed out once folded. You will need to do some preplanning for the letter single fold layout templates.

We recommend a visual approach to doing this. Take two sheet of blank letter size paper and fold it in half. THen write on each side or panel of the paper what you would like it to display after you are finished customizing it. This will give you a visual and practical view on what order your pages will lay.

Once you’ve done this step, you can open up each sheet and note what you have written on each panel. You should have two things written on each paper. Go to your template file and make sure your text that you enter, matches what you have written on the letter sheet. Your order may look off on the screen but once you print the program and fold it, things will fall in the order you desire and have written.

Our legal and tabloid size programs spreads are already done for you. They both come with an 8-page layout and we have even numbered the pages for you so you know in what order they will fall once printed and folded. Our Publisher version of the legal and tabloid programs are setup as a booklet style layout so what you see on the screen will be what you get once folded.

The Funeral Program Site tries very hard to ensure your templates are comprehensive and easy to use once you download them. If for some reason, you do experience anything out of the ordinary, you can contact our customer support 7 days a week for assistance.

We recommend you place two center staples in your printed and folded booklet. You can purchase a long reach stapler at any office supply store to accomplish this. Alternatively, you can also have your printer do this as well for you. This will make sure your pages stay in tact once assembled.

Have a creative day!