Funeral Announcement Tips

Mar 23rd 2018

When a loved one dies, sometimes it is not always feasible to call everyone you know and tell them of the death. Because of the short window of funeral planning time, families need a quick way to announce the death. Funeral announcements are a good way of doing so if you have a longer planning time. Often when a body is cremated, the memorial service can be done weeks after the disposal of the body. In this particular case, sending out announcements via the mail is a good idea.

This method is a good way to personalize the invitation and announcement to family, friends, and acquaintances. Of course, you will need to have the addresses of everyone you will be inviting. You will need to allot enough time for the post office to send the postcard to the intended party. If they are out of state, it may take longer than those who live within your same city.

Our funeral announcements have been preset with the information you will need to have when making this type of announcement. Like with all our templates, you simply need to insert the photo and customize the given text to suit your own service. A photo isn’t necessary to include if you don’t have one or would like to go without one. What’s important to having the information to let people know what, when, and where. 

You can use an Avery® perforated paper 8386 to make things easier. This eliminates the need to have to cut out the postcards since they are formatted two to a sheet of letter size paper. Using Avery’s postcard paper, let’s you detach each announcement without a pair of scissors. The downside of using this paper is that is not very heavy in weight. It is more on the light side and in my opinion, not postcard quality. If you put the invitation announcements in an envelope as opposed to sending them by itself, it may be a better idea to keep the announcement in tact. Often, in my experience with the U.S. post office, paper thin postcards tend to get damaged en route.

Alternatively, you can also print them on a heavy cardstock and have them cut. You will need to weigh the advantages from your own personal taste. If you don’t have alot of postcards to print, it may be worth printing it on a cardstock paper and cutting them.

You can still send out announcements if your window is shorter than 2 weeks. Try emailing the death announcement or even using a ecard system for specifically for memorial announcements. Most people may prefer this method but again, it will depend on your timeframe.

You can still purchase our postcard announcements for things other than a death announcement. Because you are able to edit the titles and complete text information, the possibilities are endless. Use them for things such as birthday invitations or even a larger prayer card keepsake for the funeral service. You are not restricted to the event type of even postcard type usage. Let your imagination take flight. Some families use them to distribute at the wake or visitation. You can even laminate these cards if you would like. You can enlarge the photo box to the full front postcard dimension and remove our background. Then the front of the postcard will be just your loved one’s photo! The back can be used for a short biography. So you can make a biography card and distribute that as a memorial.

Wishing you creative thinking today.

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