Funeral Program Customization

Mar 23rd 2018

If you find that you are out of time or are just overwhelmed with the planning process in general, we can place all your information and related photos into the template of your choice for a minimal fee.

For programs up to 4 pages, or one sheet printed front and back, the cost is $39.95. Two pages or up to 8 pages, the cost increases by $10.00 and is $49.95. This is a great deal that many should take advantage of. Our customization service can have a finished program for you within the hour! You can then take a look at the proof we send you and instruct us to make any corrections you deem necessary. Within your cost, you are allowed up to 3 revised proofs, we also include minor photo enhancement for all your photos you include. Minor digital photo enhancement includes ensuring all photos are color corrected and sharped as much as we can.

We always want to make sure your completed program looks perfect and you are happy with your end result. This is the reason we provide as many proofs and services within the minimal cost. Some families who may not want to sit at the computer gather information and entering it into the program may opt for our customization service. It makes sense to get that extra hand when you need it. We are more than willing to assist you should you feel like you need it.

The process is easy. Simply call in or order your customization over the phone. You will need to purchase a template along with your customization. You will receive an email within minutes thanking you for your order and requesting your information and photo(s) for the program. You can then reply back to our email and attach all your photos and information.

The information you attach can be in the form of a WORD attachment or simply entered inside the body of the email. Photo(s) can be sent in the form of an attachment as well. We do recommend the photos be sent as a separate attachment and not inserted into a Word document. This makes it easier for us to place your photos inside your template. The photos will need to be scanned prior to sending it to us and we acceptall .jpg and .pdf formats for photos.

The scanning of your photos may be the most time consuming process for you. If you do not have a scanner, office supply stores or FedEx Kinkos do offer scanning services. You can take your hardcopy photos to them and they can even email it directly to us for you. If your photos are already in digital format, just email them to us. If there are alot of photos, you may need to send us multiple emails in order for your photos to get past your email service provider.

Once we receive everything from you, we can begin the process. It should take us 1-2 hours to email you back a proof. This will depend on the amount of photos you have and is a typical turnaround time for our staff. You can view samples of our programs here that we’ve put together for families who have used our service.