Funeral Program Templates Videos

Mar 23rd 2018

The Funeral Program Site has a ton of video tutorials for everything you need to know about your template and creating a program? Yes, that is right, our video library is the largest available and the most comprehensive tutorials you will find.

We create videos because we believe in equipping every customer with the proper tools to help expedite the completion of your program. Although it does take some time to put one of our video tutorials together, we strive on posting one online once a week. There is always something to learn even if you are the most advanced user in Windows or the MAC. Learning never ceases because software is always coming out with an upgrade and advancing.

If there is a new way to do things, we will make a video about it! The Funeral Program Site is a producer in top video creations. Because we put the videos together ourselves, we are able to give you the best instruction in a short window of time. We know time is of the essence and most people don't have alot of time to sit and watch a video or some may not be visual learners. We have also placed on each video page, detailed, step-by-step instruction on the same information we cover in the video.

This is quite handy and time saving. We are the authority website for funeral program templates and our competitors look to us for a business model. With all the junk video tutorials out there, our families tell us its good to view quality instruction from people who know what they are doing.

Often times, families will call our support line and then learn we have a great selection of videos that will provide them the help they need. This section is here for you and if you are unable to get through to us over the phone (sometimes our phone lines are busy), you can always check out the videos while your waiting. Or if it is after hours and you need help, chances are you'll find it in our video library.

For those of you who want to keep up to date on the latest tutorials, click here and bookmark this page. It will automatically post each new video we upload to our YouTube channel. You can also subscribe to our channel on YouTube directly. This will keep you apprised of our newest uploads.

You will learn much in simple, easy to follow instruction on how tos using Microsoft Word, Publisher, OpenOffice, and Apple iWork Pages. We also create the videos in the versions that our templates support so you are not guessing how to do something in a certain version if the video is only demonstrating one version.

Let us know what other type of instruction you'd like to see and we're on it. :-)