Letter Single Fold Layouts

Mar 23rd 2018

Get the scoop on why the letter single fold program is the most popular program layout today. Today, I thought about talking more on the letter single fold layout. Because it is a widely used format, it seems fitting to start with this traditional program presentation first.

I am on my way down to Southern California to attend my son's college graduation and often during long trips I find my mind wandering on various thoughts. Today, its about the letter single fold funeral programs we have to available for download on our website.

Dimensions and Sizing

The letter single fold program is a letter size paper which measures 8.5 x 11 in size. This is a universal and ubiquitous paper size for the United States and is available anywhere and everywhere! This size is the paper we use for everyday use, copy important documents and use it to create other smaller sized printed materials such as an invitation of some sort. It seems natural to also incorporate this size as a program. When folded the paper size measures 5.5 x 8.5" and has been the identifiable size for any kind of program.

This size is so well known for programs that if you used another type of program layout presentation, people would certainly take notice because it's different. This is by far the layout that is most purchased here at The Funeral Program Site SUPERSTORE. I believe it is a popular choice because of the availability of the paper and feasibility in printing it yourself. All home printers paper sizes include a letter paper and is the most logical choice to print yourself.

Versatility of Use

The letter size program is also very versatile in terms of creating other smaller printed documents from this dimensions such as prayer cards, thank you cards, invitations, or bookmarks. All of which are available as a template which is formatted on a letter size paper. You are able to purchase paper in a wide array of colors and textures and print them yourself thereby, saving alot of money. I have always been one to create it myself and if I can get something that is easy to do but yet looks like I've spent hours on it, I'm on it.

Letter size programs can also have pages added to it to make a booklet syle memorial. Depending on the applicaion that you use for the program and your skill level, the addition of pages may require a little more effort. Word, for example takes more steps to add pages, then say, Publisher. That is a good thing to keep in mind if your planning on doing this. Another important factor is that in Microsoft Word, the order in which the pages appear on your computer application, doesn't necessarily mean its going to print out that way. Once folded, the page order is very different than what's presented on the screen. A little advance planning may benefit you when creating booklets.

Ample Room for Text

The layout itself offers an average amount of space to contain your memorial information. You should really try to gather the info and photos before deciding if this is the layout that meets your purpose. Here are some things to consider when deciding if the letter single fold layout is right for you:

How much information do you want the program to contain?

How many photos will you include?

What is the timeframe that you have to put it all together?

Will you be printing it yourself or ake it somewhere to get printed?

If you take it somewhere to get printed, will the pricing include assembly?

If the printer will not assemble or you do not want to pay for that additional service, will you have time to do it yourself?

The above mentioned items are important to consider prior to putting together your program and choosing a layout. The answers may dictate your decision. Once you've made the decision to use the letter size layout, you can then download any of our templates in this category and start creating a memorial program.

You may find this layout to be the easiest to use since we are so used to using this size paper. It will be a familiar friend and won't seem to be such a foreign article. The team here at The Funeral Program Site is always here to assist should you need us at anytime.

Happy creating!

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