Graduated Step Programs Review

Mar 23rd 2018

We specialize in creating the graduated step fold program, printing and assembly. In fact, we are one of the first website’s to offer it. The graduated step fold programs are indeed unique because the end result is beautiful in design and layout. If you are considering this type of layout, there are some things to know about it before purchasing one from our online superstore.

graduated fold programsThere are two different types of graduated programs. The first is the 2-page program which prints on one sheet of letter paper, printed front and back. This is a good choice for those desiring a program that is not the standard center fold. It contains four sides or panels which includes the front cover. There is only one tab on the right side which most families place the name of the loved one in capital lettering.

Although there are 4 sides or panels to this program, we refer to this as a 2-page graduated program because that is how many pages are actually being printed. Assembly is fairly easy for the 2-page. Instead of folding directly down the center, you will fold in an offset fashion. Check out our assembly video for our 2-page program here.

The 4-page graduated program offers more room since it is printed on two sheets of letter paper, front and back. It is considered to have 8 sides or panels to house your text and photos. There is ample room in this layout for collages, tributes, poems, order of service and the obituary. The template itself will open with four pages. The first two pages are the front and back cover. The second page in the template is page 2 and 7, the third page is the centerfold of your program, and the fourth page in the template is page 6 and 3.

This program is referred to as a 4-page graduated because it will print 4 pages. If you take it to an office supply store for printing, that is how many pages you will be charged. Keep in mind that what you see on the screen isn’t the way its going to print in that specific order. We have colorized our tabs so it offers 3 varying shades to help you in the assembly. The tabs go from the lightest to the darkest in that order. It is advisable that you watch our assembly video to help you visually in the assembly of the program. Check out our assembly video for the 4-page program here.

With either of these programs, we do not recommend adding any pages to the template itself. Because of the offset nature of the design, adding pages adds to the complexity of the assembly and organization of page order. If you find you really want to add pages, it is best to contact our support team and order this from us. To do it yourself would add frustration to the process. We also recommend that you let us print and assemble it for you. So in essence, it can be done and we have done this for families. It is just not best for you to do so yourself given the difficulty in formatting.

Graduated programs are very popular because they are so lovely to look at once assembled. They provide such a great way to contain memories and highlight the accomplishments of the deceased. The Funeral Program Site has been putting together graduated step programs for many years even prior to our website being in existence. So we know what we’re doing!

Our printing and assembly services are convenient that families have found saves time and money. We offer a matte and glossy finish with a full or no bleed option. If your not sure between the difference, see our examples under the Services tab under Printing services. Our pricing is competitive and it is always hassle free.

I know you once you see the end result in our printing, you will see the difference and why we are the industry leader for funeral programs.

Let me know what you think by commenting below. Let’s graduate on up to our gallery of beautiful designs.