Keeping Cool With Memorial Fans

Mar 23rd 2018

As we begin to approach the summer months, consider memorial fans as a great keepsake that will keep guest attendees cool at the funeral memorial service and something they can take home.

Our memorial fans offer the best of the best. You can choose from any of our background designs to be placed on the front. We provide the same imagery on the front and back of each fan. You can choose up to 3 lines of customized text and if you want us to assemble them. You always have an option here at The Funeral Program Site! Some families choose to assemble the fans themselves which is a cost saving deal. But there are also some families who don’t have enough time to do the assembly and choose to have our company put it together for you. When the fans arrive, they are shrink wrapped, assembled, and distribute ready.

We provide you with all the glue, fan handles and 2 sides of a cut out fan shape with your selected design if you decide you want to put it together yourselves. They are really great items to include in a service because the fans are practical and everyone loves them! We get so many compliments on our fans because they come with our popular background designs.

You can even not use our backgrounds and choose to have a whole photo of your loved one on the fan itself. This is such a unique and great way to memorialize a loved one! We have a great video regarding our fans that you can watch regarding assembly and information. Check it out here if you would like to see our fans in action! You can have a photo of your loved one imprinted on the fan or you can order the standard fans without a photo on one of our beautiful, popular backgrounds!

Everything we provide here at The Funeral Program Site is customized specifically for our company. We work with vendors who help us to create our fan shapes and provide us the equipment to cut them precisely in the shape we created. This enables all our customers and families to know that they are getting the best savings and there is no middle man.

Fans can be distributed at a funeral wake or visitation or at the memorial service itself as attendees walk into the ceremony room. You can ask a friend or two to distribute them as people walk in or you can place them on a table by the guest book and allow the guest to take one as they enter. If you have alot of people coming to the wake or funeral, you may want to indicate one per family in order to prevent multiple fans being distributed to each family.

But you can’t blame people for wanting to take one because it is a sure crowd pleaser. The great thing about our fans is that they don’t stop at memorial services. If you’ve got an event other than a funeral or memorial service, you can choose to use the fans for a favor or promotional item.

Some of our business customers distribute them to their customers as a thank you gift or a “remember us” keepsake. Because we give you up to 3 lines of text to customize, you can use them for whatever event you’d like.

We do not have a minimum to order so you are free to order as little or as much as you’d like. Keep in mind though, that if you order a small amount, your shipping may exceed the cost of your fans!

As always with all our products and templates, our customer service teams members are standing by to answer any questions you may have regarding our memorial fans.

Keep cool and fan yourself through the hot summer months! Feel free to leave me your comments or suggestions.

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