One Page Funeral Flyer Sheets

Mar 23rd 2018

Our wonderful one page funeral flyer sheets are a great template to use for any occasion you can think of. Not only can you use them as a funeral service flyer, you are also able to use them afterwards whenever you need any type of one page layout or stationery. Because our templates are so versatile, they can be used beyond the boundaries of a funeral. That way, your money goes a long way!

Our designs for the flyers are always provided with a front and back. They are also designed so that you are place your text comfortably in the center of each page. The design has been modified by our talented staff so it frames your customized text. If you do not want to use the back page design, you are free to remove it. Simply click on the background image and hit delete on your keyboard. Make sure if you do this that you keep a copy of the original template in tact in case you do want to use the flyer template with the back design, you will have it.

You can certainly use this template as a form of stationery. If you want to write a letter or use it for advertising a product you have, it can be done. If you prefer this type of layout because you may not have much text or information or do not want want a handout that is folded, then this is for you! Sometimes, it’s just nice to handout a flyer sheet since it is cost effective in printing. There is no folding and you don’t even have to have any printing on the back side of the sheet either.

There are also photo boxes that are included in the layout along with filler text. You can either follow our guideline or replace it with any text you’d like. On the back of the flyer, there are four photo boxes where you can insert memorable photos. There is also one photo box on the front cover. Any of the photo boxes can be removed, if desired.

The colors in the design are subtle so it doesn’t compete with your text you want to promote. That’s good design. Good design doesn’t take away from the main point or focus but should enhance your text. This is what we strive for in every one of our templates. Designs offered match any of our other other program templates.

The flyer template size is 8.5 x 11 or universally known as a letter size dimension. When you print it you will have to print the first page first and then flip the paper to print the second page, if you do not have a printer that prints in duplex mode. Additionally, if you don’t have a printer that is borderless, it will print a white border around the edges. You can either trim this off if you want to achieve the full bleed look or just leave it on there. Our designs work either way so it really is just a matter of personal preference. The white border often acts as a frame of the inside design which makes it look intentional as opposed to odd.

Enjoy our flyers and let your creatively be unleashed!