Patriotic Military Funeral Programs

Mar 23rd 2018

Here's a closer look at our military and patriotic programs we offer in our online superstore. A great background to choose around any country's holiday that helps us to reflect our service men and women.

As we approach the 4th of July holiday, let's look at our patriotic and military funeral program designs. These background layouts are perfect for those who served in the armed forces or who are patriotic at heart. Our designs come complete with a front and back design, so you are free to remove and embellishment as much as you'd like. Most templates online right now only provide you with a front design, which really makes for an incomplete presentation. We give you the whole design, front, back and inside. If your concerned about saving ink, you can always remove the back and inside to conserve ink should you decide you want to print it on your computer. You can also put your printer in "draft" mode which enables the heads to not press down as hard therefore, conserving less ink.

It's important that you get the most for your money and we understand that here at The Funeral Program Site. We have the largest collection of patriotic designs. The flag background behind your loved one's photo will provide you with your country's colors. We've started out with the flag of countries that our website receives the highest visitors from. We staff a retired veteran so we know and can empathize with our families who have lost loved ones in battle or have lost their lives protecting their country. Our hats are off to you the family for your loved one who has served proudly in the military.