Sending Gratitude Through The Mail

Mar 23rd 2018

Let’s talk a little about our thank you card templates today. With the internet and today’s technology, getting a card or invitation in the mail is becoming more and more rare. With facebook events and evites, people are tending to do things the electronic way than the old school way of sending something tangible in the mail.

Sending gratitude through the mail is still very much appreciated nowadays even though less people are tending to do this. I believe one reason is because you save on postage and it takes a few days to send something via U.S. Postal. Personally, I rarely get anything but bills and ads in my mailbox. Every once in awhile I may get an invite to something which always is more exciting to open and read than opening bills and throwing away ads. So there is something to be said about still getting a tangible item in the mail that people can read. So although, today’s technology seems to be falling more into sending it electronically, don’t overlook doing it the old fashioned way.

It seems that getting a tangible invite or notice in the mail is always more meaningful than getting it through an email. For one, you never know if what your getting will be marked as spam or is a legitimate email. As long as you can sift through all that and you are on a tight timeframe, email is good and can work to your benefit. I still like getting something I can hold in the mail because I don’t have to print it out like I would in an email notification.

Our thank you card templates are still a great thing to send even in this computer age. People love getting a handwritten card or something in the mail because it IS becoming more rare these days. That’s what makes it meaningful because it shows you’ve taken the time to handwrite and send it. It’s funny how we evolve into what we find meaningful based on something that shows you took the time to write a note.

We have over 300 designs of thank you cards. Most people choose a thank you card design that matches the program or theme they’ve chosen for the memorial service. You can use the cards more than just after the memorial service. You can use them anytime you want to send a thank you gesture.

The best part about the card templates is that you are able to print them on demand or as you need them. Our templates for a thank you cards come two per sheet of letter paper. That means less paper to print since you get multiples on a page. You can insert a special note in print on the inside if you’d like or just leave it blank and handwrite it in. Whatever you prefer. Sometimes, I like to have a generic thank you message on the inside and than sign my name in my handwriting to give it a personal touch.thank you cards

They are sure handy in a crunch. There have been several times I would need to send a thank you card at the last minute. Having these templates handy on my computer saves me from having to run to the store or make one from scratch on my computer. I just open up the file on my computer and print! It’s so fast and simple, I just love how efficient I can be within a short amount of time. I know you will too.

Don't be intimiated about having to print them yourself. They are quite easy to print. Your template will be a two page document and when you print, you want to make sure page two prints on the back of page one. We recommend a cardstock 110 lb. paper which you can pickup at any office supply store. Stick with a white color and stay away from the pastel colors you may find. The reason for this is so the color background in our thank you card templates don't clash with the paper color.

In gratitude for your loyal following!