The Concept of a Template

Mar 23rd 2018

Some people are not yet familiar with the concept or anatomy of a template. The templates here at The Funeral Program SIte are well designed and formatted. We ensure quality and a professionally created template to assist our families in creating the perfect program. If you’ve never worked with a template, you’ll find that it saves you time. This is because we’ve taken out all the hard work for you and have laid the foundation of the design for the program.

This means that the template contains all background images, text boxes and photo boxes needed to create the finished product. All that is left to do is replace our filler text with your own information. We always provide a traditional service outline within all our templates to serve as a guide for those who may not know what information to include. There is a photo box on the front cover that will vary in shape. If you have a template that contains an oval, you are free to change it to a square of whatever shape you want to have on the front cover.

You do not have to stay within the confines of the template guideline that we have provided. For example, if you want to change one of the program pages to a wall of photo collage, you are free to do so. It is very easy to do. Simply remove the existing text or photo boxes on that page. Then add square shape boxes in a row and insert your photos according to our instructions.

Our goal is always to save you alot of time because let’s face it, why recreate the wheel when you don’t have to? All our templates require no design skills from your end, that’s what we’re here for. We’ve designed the backgrounds and formatted it all so you are left with a ready made layout for you to customize.

Once you’ve downloaded a template from our superstore and it is not working as it should, please don’t hesitate to notify us immediately. If we aren’t aware of a problem, we cannot help you correct it. Our templates have been tested to ensure functionality for Windows and MAC OSX computers. There are however some instances where you may run into issues with a problematic download. This may occur depending on your internet connection and your own computer configuration.

Should it happen during off hours for our support line, you can view our FAQs or videos to help you along. We try hard to equip you with as much data and tutorials as possible. We want you to succeed in the creation of a beautiful program and do our best to help you facilitate that goal.

I’m certain you will see a difference in our designs and quality like many of our repeat visitors and customers. We have a loyal following and that only comes by great products and customer service. Just remember, let no question go unanswered and call us before you get to the point of frustration.