Uses For Our Template Designs

Mar 23rd 2018

Learn the legal uses of our template designs when using them to enhance or promote your business.

Well, its never a dull moment when you run a template design business! I apologize in advance if today’s topic may seem a bit dry or legalistic. I don’t mean to be and it certainly is not one of my favorite topics to discuss. However, in light of some uncertainty that some customers have had regarding the legal use of our template images, I felt compelled to write about it today. I promise to tune myself off if I get too long winded. :-)

Many of you have inquired about purchasing our packages and many of you already have them to use in promoting your funeral programs businesses. Our template designs are free for you to use and brand as your own as long as you do not use them outside the scope of what they were intended to be. For example, you cannot take a letter single fold template and remove our artwork from that template to use in another type of product you intend to sell. A product such as a folder or stationary would be restricted use since the artwork is not being used as a funeral program.

We fully protect our copyright on all our products that we offer you. This is noted in our terms of use inside all of our template packages in our mini help guides. It is important to note the terms of use no matter what type of template you purchase to ensure you are within the guidelines. It is your responsibility to do so so make sure you look for it. This is an oversight most people may overlook but a very important one. Every company has them and you want to ensure you stay within your use or you could be violating someone’s copyrighted work.

You may not resell the templates as we sell them. We do not want them modified from their original intended use. If you are using them only for generating funeral programs, we also give you the rights to place your own company information on the back of the templates. This is called ‘branding’ the designs to your own company label.

The purpose of our templates is to save you time in the creation process when creating them for others. We appreciate all our business partners and support you in your endeavor to start or enhance your business with our designs. As in any business, we do ask nicely that you comply with all our terms.

Drop me a comment below if you have any questions regarding this post that I may not have covered. Thanks for bearing with me!