Easy To Use Collage Trifolds

Mar 23rd 2018

What makes our tri fold brochure templates so special? You not only get a full complete background image on the front but you also get a beautiful artwork back for the inside of the trifold brochure.

Many competing sites offer an image background just on the front page. Although this may save you ink as one company claims, it is also a very incomplete presentation. It just looks unfinished and professional graphic designers do not create a tri fold brochure in that manner. We are trained to provide the entire artwork from the start, so if you feel you must take away from the design, you can. By having the entire background image in place, taking away is easy for those who are ink conscious.

If you spend $10 less on a template and only get the front cover image, you may need to create a background image for the rest of the white background space that is in place. This is neither practical nor cost efficient. Why use a template that you will need to have to create a background for? It doesn’t make sense and is really not worth the headache or time it will take you do accomplish this.

So, back to the question. Our templates are special because indeed, you will never have to recreate or add a background image to our template layouts. We give you everything! Then its up to you to take away or leave the design in tact. You always have that option with our templates and we are more versatile than any other company online.

The tri fold brochure template is a popular choice among our families. They are created with existing photo boxes to create a collage like display on the inside of the brochure. You are free to move these boxes around as you need to. You can even delete some of them should you require more space for text. Every frame we place in the document is movable so you have the most flexibility with what you want to do.

Creating a collage has never been easier, really. We try and strive to make our templates in a way that require very little manipulation from you, the end user. Because let’s face it, why purchase a template that will take you hours to complete? Isn’t that the whole purpose of buying a template to begin with? Absolutely!

There are always filler text on the inside to help guide you on what to put where. But you are not fixed in having to put things where we indicate with the filler text. You are free to mix things up a bit, if desired. The filler text is simply a guide to assist those who need that extra idea on where things are placed.

Some families like to create a panel side of the trifold with even more photos. You can place photo boxes touching side by side to create a whole wall of photo memories. It is very easy to do and you will love the way it looks when complete. Just make sure you insert the photos correctly as we demonstrate in our video tutorials. Failure to do so could result in layout problems. We are also happy to guide you through it over the phone.

Inserting photos into the template may be the most time consuming part of this whole process, aside from gathering all the information. You will need to scan your photos first if the pictures you intend to use are not in a digital format. You will also need to crop them as needed particularly if the photos have excessive white space around them after scanning.

Once that is done, placing in the text to accompany the photos is a matter of clicking on the existing text boxes and typing or pasting! It is not an intimidating process. It may appear to be because of the end result we show you. Be of good cheer, a professional finish awaits you sooner than you think!